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  • Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories. She is the author of eleven novels, including the award-winning Black Jewels Trilogy. Her most recent novel is Belladonna, the second book in the Ephemera duology. She is currently working on a new book set in the Black Jewels world.
  • Black Jewels
    (Black Jewels,book 1) Daughter of the Blood
    (Black Jewels,book 2) Heir to the Shadows
    (Black Jewels,book 3) Queen of the Darkness
    (Black Jewels,book 4) The Invisible Ring
    (Black Jewels,book 5) Dreams Made Flesh
    (Black Jewels,book 6) Tangled Webs
    (Black Jewels,book 7) The Shadow Queen
    (Black Jewels,book 8) Shalador's Lady
    (Black Jewels,book 9) Twilight's Dawn
    (Others,book 1) Written In Red
    (Others,book 2) Murder of Crows
    (Others,book 3) Vision In Silver
    (Others,book 4) Marked In Flesh
    (Others,book 5) Etched in Bone
    (Others,book 6) Lake Silence
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