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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(114) by Anne Bishop
  • "We had different mothers."

    There was a strange light in her eyes. "But the same father."

    He watched her juggling the mental puzzle pieces, saw the moment when they all clicked.

    "That explains a lot," she murmured, fluffing her hair. "He isn't dead, you know. The Ebon-gray is still in Terreille."

    Daemon blinked. "How—" He sputtered. "How do you know that?"

    "I looked. I didn't go anywhere," she added hurriedly. "I didn't break my promise."

    "Then how—" Daemon shook his head. "Forget I said that."

    "It's not like trying to sort through Opals or Red from a distance to find a particular person." Jaenelle had that harried, amused look. "Daemon, the only other Ebon-gray is Andulvar, and he doesn't live in Terreille anymore. Who else can it be?"

    Daemon sighed. He didn't understand, but he was relieved to know.

    "May I have a copy of that picture?"

    "Why?" Jaenelle gave him a look that made him wince. "All right."

    "And one of you, too?"

    "I don't have one of me."

    "We could get one."

    "Why—never mind. Is there a reason for this?"

    "Of course."

    "I don't suppose you'd tell me what it is?"

    Jaenelle raised one eyebrow. It was such a perfect imitation, Daemon choked back a laugh.Serves me right, he thought wryly. "All right," he said, ruefully shaking his head.


    "Yes, Lady, soon."

    Jaenelle skipped away, turned, gave him a feather-light kiss on the cheek, and was gone.

    Raising one eyebrow, Daemon looked at the closed door. He looked at the picture. "You stupid Prick," he said fondly. "Ah Lucivar, you would have had such fun with her."


    Saetan leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers. "Why?"

    "Because I'd like one."

    "You said that before. Why?"

    Jaenelle loosely clasped her hands, looked at the ceiling, and said in a prim, authoritative voice, "'Tis not the season for questions."

    Saetan choked. When he could breathe again, he said, "Very well, witch-child. You'll have a picture."


    Saetan gave her a long, hard look. She gave him her unsure-but-game smile. He sighed. There was one unshakable truth about Jaenelle: Sometimes it was better not to know. "Two."

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