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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(148) by Anne Bishop
  • "Where?" There was a stitch in Surreal's side from running, and the cold night air burned her lungs. It made her angrier.

    Rose pointed at the wall. "Can you make the pass?"

    Surreal stared at the wall, probing. Pain and confusion. Rage and despair. And courage. "Why isn't she fighting back?"

    "Too many medicines. She's in the misty place and she can't get out." Rose tugged on Surreal's sleeve. "Please help her. We don't want her to die. We don't want her to be like us!"

    Her lips pressed into a tight, angry line, Surreal reached for the knife sheathed against her right thigh, but her hand swung across her body and pulled out the knife from the left sheath.

    Titian's knife.

    A slow smile curled Surreal's lips. Never taking her eyes away from the wall, she held out her other hand to Rose. "Come with me," she said as she stepped forward and melted into the wall.

    Briarwood's outer walls were thick. Surreal didn't notice.

    This time . . . This time she would wash the walls in blood.

    The shield was there, braided by the strength of two. Fools. Two Reds might have slowed her down if they were aware of her presence. But Kartane and Uncle Bobby? Never.Never.

    Surreal unleashed one short blast of power from her Gray Jewel. The shield around the room shattered.

    Surreal leaped. Landing in the small room, she whirled to face the man on the bed. Even as he thrust into the too-still body under him, he raised his head, his face twisted with hatred and lust.

    Lunging forward, Surreal grabbed his hair with one hand and slashed Titian's knife across his throat.

    The blood sang as the white walls turned red.

    Still pushing forward and up, Surreal drove the knife into his heart, lifting him off the bed with the strength of her rage.

    He fell to the floor, Titian's knife still in his heart while his maimed hands groped feebly for one heartbeat, two.

    Finish the kill.

    Squatting over the still body, Surreal pulled out her other knife to drive it through his brain, intending to use the steel as a channel for the Gray to break and destroy what the husk still contained. As she raised her arm for the final strike, Rose's low moan made her glance at the bed.

    There was a pool of blood between Jaenelle's legs. Too much blood.

    Surreal leaned over the bed. Her stomach rolled.

    Jaenelle stared at the ceiling, her unblinking eyes never changing when Surreal passed her hand in front of them. Her body was a mass of bruises; a cut on her lip leaked blood.

    Surreal glanced back at the Warlord and noticed scratches on his face and shoulders. So. She had fought for a while.

    Surreal felt for a pulse and found one. Weak and growing weaker.

    Something hit the locked door.

    "Greer!" someone shouted. "Greer, what's going on?"

    "Damn!" The word exploded out with her breath as she quickly Gray-locked the door. Pulling Titian's knife from Greer's heart, Surreal hesitated for just a moment, then shook her head. She didn't have the minute it would take. She cut the cords that bound Jaenelle's ankles and wrists to the bed, wrapped the girl in the bloody sheet, lifted the bundle against her, and, Gray shielding herself and her precious burden, made the pass through the walls.

    Once outside, Surreal ran. When they finally broke the Gray lock and found Greer, they would be pouring out of the doors in pursuit. And following the blood scent, they would be able to trace her.

    There was only one place to go, and once there, she would need help.

    Putting her heart into it, Surreal sent a summons along the Gray.


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