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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(149) by Anne Bishop
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    Saetan's roar thundered through the cavern, drowning out the sound of feet racing down the stairs.

    "SaDiablo!" Andulvar yelled as he leaped into the cavern. "We heard a scream. What's—"

    Saetan pivoted, teeth bared, spearing Draca with eyes filled with cold rage. "And now?" he said too softly.

    "We'll ride the Winds," Prothvar said, pulling out his knife.

    "No time," Mephis countered. "It'll be too late."

    "Draca," Geoffrey said.

    Draca never blinked, never flinched from Saetan's glazed stare.

    "Saetan—" Andulvar began.

    Draca closed her eyes.

    A voice filled their minds, a rumble as if the Keep itself sighed.

    A male voice.

    "Sspear to sspear, High Lord. That iss the only way now. Her blood runss. If sshe diess now—"

    "She'll walk among thecildru dyathe. "

    So much sorrow in that voice. "Dreamss made flessh do not becomecildru dyathe, High Lord. Sshe will be losst to uss."

    "Who are you to say this to me?" Saetan snarled.


    Saetan's heart stopped for a beat.

    "You have the courage, High Lord, to do what you musst do. The other male will be your insstrument."

    The sighing rumble faded.

    The cavern was very still.

    Turning carefully, Saetan once more faced the red-misted tether line.

    And the Blood shall sing to the Blood.

    Don't think. Be an instrument.

    Everything has a price.

    Locked in his cold, still rage, Saetan slowly drew on the power in the web, the power in his Jewels, and the power in himself until he had formed a three-edged psychic spear. With his eyes and will fixed on the Jewel chip, he sent a single, thundering summons.


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