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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(150) by Anne Bishop
  • 5—Terreille




    Daemon jerked awake, head pounding, heart pounding, body throbbing. Groaning, he rubbed his fist back and forth across his forehead.

    And remembered.

    "Sadi, please."

    Daemon frowned. Even that movement hurt. "Surreal?"

    A gasping sob. "Hurry. To the Altar."

    "Surreal, what—"

    "She'sbleeding! "

    He didn't remember making the pass. One moment he was cramped in the underground rectangle, the next he was braced against the tree, eyes closed, waiting for the world to stop spinning. "Surreal, get to the Altar. Now."

    "The uncles will be coming after us."

    The Sadist bared his teeth in a vicious smile. "Let them come."

    The link broke. Surreal was already riding the Winds to Cassandra's Altar.

    Daemon clung to the tree. His body could give him nothing. The Black Jewels were still drained and could give him nothing. Needing strength, he greedily drained the reserve power in his Birthright Red.


    The power behind that thundering voice hit his Red strength and absorbed it as easily as a lake absorbs a pail of water.

    Daemon clamped his hands over his head and fell to his knees. That power was tightening like a band of iron inside his head, threatening to smash his inner barriers. Snarling, he lashed back with the little strength he had left.


    Glacial rage waited for him just outside the first barrier, but now he recognized the voice.

    "Priest?" Daemon let out a gasp of relief. "Father, pull back a little. I can't . . . It's too strong."

    The power pulled back—a little.

    "You are my instrument."


    The psychic band tightened.

    "I serve no one but Witch. Not even you, Priest," Daemon snarled.

    The band loosened, became a caress. "I, too, serve her, Prince. That's why I need you. Her blood runs."

    Daemon fought to stand up, fought to breathe. "I know. She's being taken to Cassandra's Altar." He hurt. Hell's fire, how he hurt.

    "Let me in, namesake. I won't harm you."

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