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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(152) by Anne Bishop
  • "Then whohas enough?"

    Jaenelle's blank eyes stared at him.

    Daemon reached to cup her face in his hands.

    "No," Cassandra said, coming around the Altar. "Let me. A Sister won't be a threat."

    Daemon hated her for saying it. Hated her even more because, right now, it was true.

    "Let her try, namesake," Saetan said, forcing Daemon to step back.

    Cassandra pressed her fingers against Jaenelle's temples and stared into the unblinking eyes. After a minute, she stepped back and wrapped her arms around herself, as if needing comfort. Her lips quivered. "She's out of reach," she said in a hoarse, defeated whisper.

    It didn't mean anything. Jaenelle was stronger than the rest of them. She could descend further. It didn't mean anything.

    But Tersa's vision of the shattered crystal chalice mocked him.You know, it said.You know why she doesn't answer.

    "No." Daemon wasn't sure if the denial was his or Saetan's.

    Surreal stepped forward. Her face was ashen, but her gold-green eyes flashed with determination. "The girl Rose said they'd given her too much medicine and she couldn't get out of the misty place. Probably a vile mixture ofsafframate and a sedative."

    Saetan's voice sounded tightly calm. "I can't sense a link between her body and her Self. It's either very faint or she's severed it completely. If we don't draw her back now, we'll lose her."

    "You mean I'll lose her," Daemon snapped at him. "If her body dies,you'll still have her, won't you?"

    He felt heart-tearing pain come through the link.

    "No," Saetan whispered. "I was told by one who would know that dreams made flesh don't becomecildru dyathe, "

    Daemon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "How deep is your well, Priest?"

    "I don't know."

    "Then let's find out." Daemon turned to Surreal. "Go out. Keep watch. Those sons of whoring bitches will be coming soon. Buy us some time, Surreal."

    Surreal glanced at the Altar. "I'll keep them out until I hear from you." She slipped through the wrought-iron gate and disappeared into the labyrinth of dark corridors.

    "Go with her," Daemon said to Cassandra. "This is private."

    Before she could protest, Saetan said, "Go, Lady."

    Daemon waited until he was sure she was gone. Then he stretched out on the Altar and took Jaenelle in his arms.

    The power from Saetan flowed into him, wrapped around him.

    "Keep the descent at a steady pace," Saetan warned.

    So easy to slip into that abandoned body, so easy to glide down through all that emptiness until he reached the depth of his own inner web. He held there, trying to probe further down.

    Far, far, far below him, a flash of lightning lit up a swirling black mist.

    "Jaenelle!" Daemon shouted. "Jaenelle!"

    No answer.

    Spinning out the link to make it thinner and longer, Daemon eased past the depth of his inner web.

    "Daemon!" Saetan's worry vibrated through the link.

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