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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(156) by Anne Bishop
  • A fire sparked in his loins and he stirred.

    She leaned back and watched him swell and rise.

    He saw innocence in her face, a kitten's curiosity. He saw a female shape that, if not fully mature, was also not a child.

    He clenched his teeth and swore silently when she began stroking him lightly.

    Stroke. Observe the reaction as if she'd never seen a man become aroused. Stroke. Observe.

    He wanted to push her away. He wanted to pull her down on top of him. It was killing him. It was wonderful. As he reached for her hand to stop her, she said in a quiet, wondering voice, "Your maleness has no spines."

    Rage froze him. The shards of the chalice rattled as he leashed the fury that had no outlet here. For a moment he tried very, very hard to believe she was comparing him to another species of male, but he knew too much about the twisted males who enjoyed breaking a young, strong witch on her Virgin Night.

    Mother Night! No wonder she didn't want to go back. She studied him, puzzled. "Does the body's maleness have spines?"

    Daemon swallowed the rage. The Sadist transformed it into deadly silk. "No," he crooned. "My maleness has no spines."

    "Soft," she said as she stroked and explored. His hands whispered over her thighs, over her hips. "It could give you pleasure," he crooned softly.

    "Pleasure?" Her eyes lit up with curiosity and anticipation.

    The childlike trust stabbed him in the heart. She must have sensed some change in him. Before he could stop her, she exploded, kicking his thigh as she leaped away from him. Out of reach, she hugged herself and glared at him.

    "You want to mate with the body. Like the others. You want me to make her well so you can put your maleness insideher. "

    Rage washed through him. "Who isher? "he asked too softly.


    "You're Jaenelle."

    "IAM WITCH!"

    He trembled with the effort not to attack her. "Jaenelle is Witch and Witch is Jaenelle."

    "They never want me." She thumped her chest with her fist. "Notme. They don't want me inside the body. They want to mate with Jaenelle, not Witch."

    He felt her fragment more and more.

    "This is Witch," she screamed at him. "This is who lived inside the body. Doyou want to mate with Witch?"

    Anger made him lash out. "No, I don't want tomate with you. I want tomake love to you."

    Whatever she was about to say went unsaid. She stared at him as if he were something unknown. She took a hesitant step toward him.

    She'll take the bait,the Sadist whispered inside him.She'll take the bait and step into the pretty trap.

    Another step.

    Deadly, deadly silk.


    A sweet trap spun from love and lies . . . and truth.

    "I've waited seven hundred years for you," he crooned. "Foryou. "His lips curved in a seducer's smile. "I was born to be your lover."


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