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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(159) by Anne Bishop
  • "Daemon, please. You're my friend.Please. "

    It hurt to hear her beg.

    "Witch-child." Saetan's voice, cracked and trembling.

    Jaenelle stopped fighting. "Saetan?"

    "We don't want to lose you, witch-child."

    "You won't lose me. I can see you all in the misty place."

    Saetan's words came slowly, as if each one pained him. "No, Jaenelle. You won't see us in the misty place. If you don't heal your body, Daemon and I will be destroyed."

    Daemon's breath hissed through his teeth. The Sadist wasn't the only one who could spin a deadly trap.

    Her wail filled their minds, filled his ears as the child body echoed the sound.

    He felt a tidal wave of dark power rush up out of the abyss, felt it fill the young body he held in his arms, felt it mend torn flesh.

    Her body relaxed, went limp.

    Daemon raised a shaking hand to stroke her golden hair.

    "I'm sick," Jaenelle said, her voice muffled against his chest.

    "No, sweetheart," he corrected gently. "You're hurt. That's different. But we'll get you to a safe place and—"

    The Sanctuary shook as someone unleashed a dark Jewel.

    An angry male voice changed to a terrified shriek.

    Jaenelle screamed.

    Daemon dove into the abyss a second before she did, catching her at the Red as she tried to flee the body.

    Sucking the power from the chalice, he held onto her.

    Pieces wobbled.

    "No, Daemon," Jaenelle shrieked. "You can't. Youcan't. "Suddenly she collapsed against his chest. "I healed the body. It's still hurt, but it will mend. Let me go. Please, let me go. You can have the body. You can use the body."

    Daemon pressed her back against his chest. He rested his cheek against her gold mane. "No, sweetheart. No one's going to use your body but you." He closed his eyes and held her tight. "Listen, my Lady Witch. I lied to you, and I'm sorry. So very sorry. But I lied because I love you. I hope you'll understand that one day."

    She sagged against him, saying nothing.

    "Listen to me," he said softly. "We're going to take your body away from here. We'll keep it safe. Is there some landmark in the misty place that you can always find?"

    She nodded wearily.

    "There's a tether around your leg. Take it off and tie it around that landmark. That way, when you're ready, it'll show you the way back." It took him a moment to say the rest. "Please, Jaenelle, please repair the chalice. Find the shards and put it back together. Return to the body when the Priest tells you it's safe. Grow up and have a rich life. We need you, Lady. Come back and walk among those who love you, those who have longed for you." He let her go.

    She hesitated a moment before leaping away from him. When there was enough distance between them, she turned around.

    Daemon swallowed hard. "Try to remember that I love you. And if you can, please forgive me."

    He felt her lightly touch his mind, felt her dark power reform the thin skin that held him together. She closed her sapphire eyes. He watched her shape change.

    When she opened her eyes, Jaenelle stood before him, not quite a woman but no longer a child. "Daemon," she said, her voice a soft, sighing caress. Then she dove into the abyss, and his heart shattered. He made the ascent for the last time and tumbled into his body.

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