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  • Daughter of the Blood(Black Jewels,Book 1)(160) by Anne Bishop
  • He heard angry male voices coming from the outer rooms. He heard shrieks of pain. Heard stone exploding. Heard the sizzle of power meeting power.

    He didn't move. Didn't try. He laid his head on Jaenelle's chest and wept silently, bitterly.

    "Daemon." Saetan brushed against his mind and pulled back. "Daemon, what have you done?"

    "I let her go," Daemon cried. "I told her you'd tell her when it was safe to come back. I told her about the tether. I let her go, Priest. Sweet Darkness, I let her go."

    "What have you done to yourself?"

    "I shattered the chalice. I lied to her. I seduced her into trusting me andIlied to her. "

    A brief touch, gentle and hesitant. "She'll understand, namesake. In time, she'll understand." Saetan faded, came back. "I can't hold the link anymore. Cassandra will open the Gate and take you—" Saetan was gone.

    Daemon wiped his face with his sleeve. A little longer. He had to hold on a little longer. But he felt so empty, so terribly alone.

    The sounds of fighting got closer. Closer.

    Cassandra burst into the room. "There's no time left."

    Daemon slid from the Altar and collapsed.

    Ignoring him, Cassandra rushed over to the Altar and brushed her hand over Jaenelle's head. "You didn't bring her back."

    Her anger sliced through the thin skin of power holding the chalice together, leaving weak spots.

    "The body is healing," Daemon said hoarsely. "If you keep it safe, it will mend. And—"

    Cassandra made a sharp, dismissive gesture.

    Daemon cringed. The Altar room blurred. Sounds became muffled. He struggled to focus. Struggled to stand up.

    By the time he was braced against the Altar, the bloody sheet was lying on the floor, Jaenelle was wrapped in a clean blanket, the black candles were lit, and the wall behind the Altar was turning to mist.

    "How much time do you need?" Daemon asked.

    Cassandra cradled Jaenelle in her arms and glanced at the mist. "Aren't you coming through the Gate?"

    He wanted to go with them. Sweet Darkness, how he needed to go with them. But there was Surreal, who would keep fighting until he gave her a signal or she was destroyed.

    And there was Lucivar.

    Daemon shook his head. "Go," he whispered as tears filled his eyes. "Go."

    "Count to ten," Cassandra said. "Then get rid of the candles. They won't be able to open the Gate without them." Holding Jaenelle tightly, she stepped into the mist and disappeared.

    A male voice shouted, "There's a light!"

    Surreal rushed into the Altar room. "I threw up a couple of shields to slow them down, but nothing short of blowing this place apart is going to hold them."

    . . . four, five, six . . .

    The Sanctuary rocked as the combined power of several Jewels blasted through one of the shields.

    "Sadi, where . . ."

    Another blast of power.

    "Damn," Surreal hissed, pulling her knife from its sheath.

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