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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(109) by Anne Bishop
  • "Who hasn't been seen in months," Braedon murmured.

    "Oh, hush," Lektra said. "The play will start in a few minutes. I'm looking forward to seeing it." Her eyes flicked to the box opposite hers as she added softly, "I'm definitely looking forward to it."


    Surreal watched Daemon remove two items from the wooden box he'd called in as soon as they were settled in their seats, at first with idle curiosity, then with growing apprehension.

    "Is that a tangled web?" she asked. She knew he was a Black Widow. Hell's fire, she'd lived with him for several years while he was struggling to come back from the Twisted Kingdom and then rehone his Craft skills.

    "Of a kind," Daemon replied as he used Craft to set the frame holding the tangled web on air where it couldn't easily be seen by other people attending the play. Behind the tangled web, he set a faceted, oval crystal. "I started with the kind of web the Hourglass uses to see dreams and visions and adapted it for a specific purpose."

    "Which is?"

    He grinned, but there was an acknowledgment in his eyes of why she was asking the question…and why she was wary of the answer. Daemon rarely announced his intentions when he went hunting, and she'd often wondered how many of the Blood he'd destroyed in the Terreillean courts were aware of what had killed them until the last moment when that slash of Black power burned out their own power, finishing the kill.

    "By using a spell I worked out and channeling through the web, I can retain the play in the crystal so that it can be played again."

    "Like the spelled music crystals retain a musical performance?"

    Daemon nodded. "But this one holds what is seen as well as what is heard."

    Surreal studied the web and crystal again, this time with keen interest. "That's brilliant! But… why?"

    He hesitated. "Jaenelle is still too fragile to come to Amdarh to see a play… so I bring the plays to her."

    Emotion that felt appallingly sentimental welled up in her. She punched it down. "Does she enjoy the plays?"

    Now he smiled ruefully. "I hadn't quite worked out all the snags in the spell the last time I tried it. There was a… lag… between when the actor said his lines and the words were heard. She found it entertaining, but not in the way I'd intended."

    Surreal laughed. "Anything I can do to help?"

    "This spell doesn't work independently. At least not yet. So I need to stay focused on the play."

    She heard the warning under the words. "That explains why you Black-locked the door." And why he'd told her he preferred to attend the theater alone when she'd asked him earlier if he ever invited anyone to join him as a guest. She'd been thinking of Marian, Lucivar's wife, but the chill in the air when he'd replied made her wonder how many offers he'd had for company whenever he came to Amdarh.

    It also told her how much of a concession he'd made by inviting her to join him tonight. And how he trusted her to let him do what he'd come here to do.

    As the house lights went down, Daemon made himself comfortable and focused his eyes on the stage.

    The play was entertaining, but Surreal found Daemon more interesting to watch, even though she, too, kept her eyes fixed on the stage. How much of the play did he actually notice since he kept looking at the center of the stage to see the whole of it instead of shifting his gaze to follow the action when it moved closer to one wing or the other? Or would he finally enjoy it when he replayed it for Jaenelle? Although she doubted his attention would be on the play at that point.

    When the first act ended and she offered to fetch some refreshment, his quick agreement surprised her…until she made her way through the crowd to the curved bar at one end of the theater's lobby and ordered two glasses of sparkling wine. The number of women who had given her a cool appraisal as she passed made her wonder how many of them were trying to find out how deep Daemon's attachment to Jaenelle still ran.

    From their point of view, she understood the interest. Daemon was no longer officially Jaenelle's Consort. Few beyond the family and Jaenelle's former First Circle would know he'd committed himself to Jaenelle years before he ever became her Consort. They wouldn't know what he'd done…and suffered…to try to save an extraordinary child who became the most powerful Queen in the history of the Blood. What they saw was a beautiful, sensual male who came from one of the most powerful, and wealthiest, families in Kaeleer, and was a Black-Jeweled Warlord Prince in the bargain.

    He'd be a prize for any woman who could win him.

    She shuddered at the thought of any woman trying to win him away from Jaenelle.

    "That's a lovely bracelet."

    Surreal glanced over at the Warlord who had squeezed in beside her to wait for his order. "Thank you."

    "Is it a design by Banard?"

    Something about his interest wasn't quite right, but she couldn't figure out what it was about him that made her want to spill his guts all over the floor. So she hooked her long black hair behind one delicately pointed ear…and saw his eyes widen at the evidence that she wasn't solely from any of the long-lived races.

    "No," she said, "it's Dea al Mon,"

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