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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(111) by Anne Bishop
  • "Falonar wants a woman who looks at him and sees a protector, a defender. He wants someone who needs his strength, someone whose talents are… gentler."

    "Who is she?" Daemon asked as he dipped a piece of lobster into the bowl of clarified butter.

    Surreal studied him warily. "I didn't say there was someone in particular."

    Daemon just smiled and continued eating.

    She concentrated on her own meal for a few minutes. Then she sighed. "Nurian. She's a Healer."

    "And she's Eyrien."

    "I don't know how deep Falonar's feelings about her run, but I'm pretty sure she's in love with him. Over the winter, things changed between him and me. Lots of sex and not much else. Some snide comments about my snipping off balls because I wanted a pair of my own. And for the record, I'd rather have the discomfort of moontimes than carry what you've got between your legs."

    He just raised an eyebrow.

    "Moon's blood only throws me offstride three days out of a month. A c**k makes a man potentially stupid at any hour of any day."

    "You have such faith in the male gender," he said blandly.

    "I made a good living because cocks make men stupid," she countered, picking up her glass to sip her wine.

    "And Falonar's c**k kept pointing in Nurian's direction?"

    She clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from spraying wine all over the table. "Now that's a picture," she said when she finally managed to swallow. "No, it wasn't that obvious. Mostly because I was in the way," she added softly.

    Daemon nodded. "A Gray-Jeweled witch who is skilled with a knife… and is also related to Lucivar."

    "I think Falonar couldn't figure out how to step back."

    "Probably afraid that if you didn't rip his balls off, Lucivar would."


    "So you told him things weren't working between you and packed your bags."

    She shrugged. "Seemed the only thing to do."

    "Did you love him?"

    She hesitated, then shook her head. "I felt… special… for a little while. I've had sex with hundreds of men over the centuries, but I've never had a lover. I'm feeling bruised, but I'm not heartbroken over it."

    Dipping the last piece of lobster into the butter, Daemon held it out to her. "Someday you'll find a man worthy of you."

    She looked into his eyes, scared that she'd see some underlying message. What she saw was the warm affection of an older brother. She took the bite from his fork.

    Easing back, she enjoyed the warmth for a moment before saying, "Your turn."

    He set his fork on his plate with painful care. Then he picked up his wine and studied it.

    "I'm losing her," he said softly. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but… I'm losing her."

    Surreal stiffened. "What you are talking about?"

    His voice dropped to a whisper. "Maybe I'm no longer what Jaenelle wants."

    "Wait," she snapped. "Just wait." She studied the misery in his eyes. "You really believe that."

    "She isn't comfortable being around me anymore."

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