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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(113) by Anne Bishop
  • By evening, the rumors had reached the ears of the aristo Blood and were the main topic during the evening meals. Some defended Prince Sadi, saying he would never insult Jaenelle Angelline by taking a lover while she was still living with him at the Hall. Some defended him by insisting he wasn't breaking any vows by taking a lover, that Jaenelle was now nothing more than a family member who required care, and no matter what their relationship had been, it was no longer of a nature that demanded celibacy from a Warlord Prince. Others argued that, even if taking a lover could be excused under the circumstances, holding hands with her in a dining house was hardly discreet.

    No matter what anyone thought of Daemon Sadi's behavior, they all pitied Jaenelle Angelline, who had sacrificed her body and her Jewels in order to save Kaeleer and was now being abandoned by the only man she'd ever cared for enough to take as a lover.



    Surreal walked into Jaenelle's sitting room and came to an abrupt stop when she saw the shoes scattered around the room. Jaenelle stood in the middle of the room, holding a pair of soft leather house shoes. Color brightened her face, and her eyes sparkled.

    "Look," Jaenelle said excitedly. "I can call in my shoes."

    Pity squeezed Surreal's heart, but she smiled as she walked over to Jaenelle. "Well, that's… wonderful." Or would be if Jaenelle was a child learning basic Craft.

    "Isn't it?" Jaenelle dropped the shoes, then held out her hands. A moment later, a pair of boots hovered in the air. She took the boots and grinned. "I decided it was time to find out what I can do with Twilight's Dawn."

    A year ago you could do things the rest of the Blood couldn't even dream ofdoing,Surreal thought sadly as she looked at the shoes.And now you'reexcited about being able to do basic Craft. Ah, sugar.

    Trying to think of something to say that would be encouraging, she looked into Jaenelle's eyes. It took everything in her not to stumble back a step or two.

    No delight in those sapphire eyes now. There was strength there, power there. Those eyes were cold, feral, and filled with deadly anger.

    Then Ladvarian trotted into the room, and Jaenelle looked away.

    Witch,Surreal thought as she fought to hide a shiver of fear. She hadn't expected to see that look in Jaenelle's eyes ever again…and wasn't sure what to think about seeing it now.

    Ladvarian sniffed the shoes on the floor, then looked at Jaenelle. *Why is Surreal calling in your shoes?*

    "She didn't," Jaenelle said quietly, dropping the boots. "I did."

    *You called in your shoes?*

    Jaenelle shrugged, a quiet sadness draining the color from her face, leaving her looking ill and frail.

    *You called in your shoes!* Ladvarian's tail wagged madly while he danced in place. *You could never do that before!*

    Jaenelle smiled reluctantly. "No, I never could."

    That admission startled Surreal. Ladvarian was right. Jaenelle nevercould call in her own shoes. It was a standing joke in the family and the First Circle that Jaenelle could move an entire library of leather-bound books without any effort at all but couldn't call in something to put on her feet.

    Ladvarian shot upward, hovering on air so that he was face-to-face with Jaenelle. *The kindred will still fetch your shoes during the moon-days when you can't use Craft, but the rest of the days you can call in your own shoes,* he said happily.

    Jaenelle smiled as her hands cupped the Sceltie's furry face. "Yes, I can."

    *And you won't have to wear the wrong shoes because we didn't pick the right ones.*

    Well, Surreal thought, that explained why Jaenelle's shoes hadn't always matched the rest of her outfit.

    "I never said you chose the wrong shoes," Jaenelle said softly.

    *You didn't tell us because you love us.*

    Jaenelle rested her forehead against the dog's. "Yes, I love you."

    Surreal swallowed the lump that was suddenly lodged in her throat. Shit shit shit. Hadn't she learned anything from seeing the kindred's unshakable loyalty and belief in Jaenelle? She had felt pity and had spoiled Jaenelle's pleasure in successfully performing a bit of Craft.

    Ladvarian was simply delighted…and had recognized that Jaenelle wasn't regaining a piece of skill that was lost, she was exploring new ground.

    *I have to tell Kaelas!* Ladvarian bounded out of the room.

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