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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(120) by Anne Bishop
  • "Wonderful. So here's the deal. Whatever problem you have with me, you bury it while she's here, and you give her the best you've got. Because if you do anything to spoil this first outing, I'm going to tell her father, her brother, and her lover that you made Jaenelle very, very unhappy. By the time those three are finished expressing their displeasure, I sincerely doubt there will be anything in this place big enough to qualify as a pebble. Is that clear enough?"

    The woman nodded.

    "Good. I'm going to set up some appointments and give you a little time to pass the word." Surreal vanished the stiletto and stepped back into the corridor. "And, sugar? Jaenelle's male relatives aren't the only ones who are dangerous."

    "My toes will be rose?"

    "You'll love it. That polish will complement the sapphire jacket and trousers I saw in one of the shops we passed on the way to this room. We'll go there next so they'll have time to make any alterations by this afternoon."

    "But… rose toenails? Who's going to see them?"

    Daemon will when he's nibbling his way down your legs.

    But there wasn't any reason to mention that right now.

    * * *

    "Mud? They're going to putmud on my face?"

    "You'll love it."

    "Whenever the kitties and I played stalk and pounce and we ended up muddy, everyone frowned about it."

    Surreal grunted softly. Only Jaenelle referred to Jaal and Kaelas, a full-grown tiger and an eight-hundred-pound Arcerian cat, as "the kitties"…or voluntarily played games with them to keep their predatory skills honed.

    "So why is this mud different?" Jaenelle grumbled.

    Stretched out on the other table, Surreal turned her head and opened one eye. "It's expensive."

    Whispers rose and fell, an ebb and flow of sound as they went to their various appointments throughout the day. They pretended not to notice the way conversations stopped when they entered a room, pretended not to see the uneasy glances. It wasn't the fun, relaxing experience Surreal had wanted it to be, but it served its purpose. By late afternoon, Jaenelle s hair was trimmed and styled, her nails…all of them…were painted, and they'd found enough clothing in the shops to suffice as a wardrobe for a few weeks.

    Now, waiting for Jaenelle to return from the dressing room, Surreal studied a display of shawls. Two of them had the right colors to blend nicely with Jaenelle's new clothes and provide extra warmth if it was needed.

    Her lips twitched. Well, extra warmth when Daemon wasn't wrapped around his Lady.

    "I heard you were here," a voice said.

    Turning, Surreal studied Zhara, who was staring at her with an expression that was close to dislike but hadn't quite crossed that line. "And you're here, too. Busy place."

    Interesting,Surreal thought as Zhara moved closer.She doesn't want to talk to me, doesn't want to get close to me, but something is pushing her.

    "I've heard some disturbing rumors," Zhara said.

    "Really? Are you going to share them, or are you going to be another bitch whispering behind Her hand?"

    Temper flared in Zhara's eyes. "Remember who you're talking to."

    "You're the Queen of Amdarh. And I'm a witch who wears Gray Jewels. If push comes to shove, sugar, you're a corpse. So you want to tell me in plain words what's bothering you, or do you want to keep dancing around in the shit?"

    "There's a rumor that Daemon Sadi… that he… "

    "What about Daemon?" asked a midnight voice.

    Reading the discomfort and embarrassment in Zhara's eyes before they both turned to face Jaenelle, Surreal suddenly had a good idea of what kind of rumors were going around. Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. There were better ways of committing suicide than starting a rumor like that about a man the Blood in Terreille had called the Sadist.

    Of course, pissing off Witch wasn't a great idea either. Especially when that deadly anger was back in Jaenelle's sapphire eyes.

    "What about Daemon?" Jaenelle asked again, as if Zhara's expression hadn't told her plainly enough the reason for the whispers that had followed them all day.

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