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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(125) by Anne Bishop
  • Hell's fire. If the servants had heard the rumors…and believed them… things were going to get nasty.

    "Lady Surreal," Helton said. "The Prince and the Lady are not at home this evening."

    "Really?" Since she could feel Daemon's presence, why the lie? Then she noticed the gleam in Helton's eyes. "Ah. Where did they dine while they weren't at home?"

    "The Prince has not yet requested that dinner be sent up, Lady."

    "I see." She looked at the staircase and grinned. Oh, she hoped it meant what she thought it meant.

    She called in the small trunk she'd brought from the Hall. "When Lady Angelline is available, please see that she gets that trunk. It has the new clothes she purchased today. I think she'll need them." Her grin widened. "Eventually."

    Helton returned the grin before regaining his professional demeanor. "I'll see to it personally."

    Dancing down the steps, she stood on the sidewalk, not sure what to do with herself. Standing in the middle of the street dancing and whooping would be fun but would require an explanation she didn't want to give.

    So she turned around with the intention of heading back to her rented suite for an indulgent dinner…and stifled a shriek as a large shape moved toward her.

    Lucivar studied her for a moment, then shook his head. "If you're not going to pay attention to your surroundings to the point where you don't sense someone standing this close to you, you damn well better shield to protect yourself from an attack."

    "I'm not likely to be attacked in Amdarh," Surreal snapped. But she glanced across the street to where that cab had stood. She shook off the hint of uneasiness and focused on the Warlord Prince in front of her. "What brings you to Amdarh?"

    "Figured I'd better talk to Daemon," Lucivar replied, moving toward the town house's steps.

    Surreal jumped in front of him. "Trust me, sugar. You don't want to do that. Not tonight. Daemon isn't interested in talking to anyone tonight."

    Lucivar studied the town house door. "Where's Jaenelle? Aren't you doing some female thing today?"

    "We were. We did. Now…" Surreal looked pointedly at the town house. "Jaenelle's not interested in talking to anyone either."

    "You're telling me it'll be worth my balls if I walk in there and interrupt something?"

    "At the very least."

    Lucivar grinned. Then he looked at her. "So where are you staying tonight?"

    "Jaenelle and I had a suite at the female place, but it looks like I'll have it to myself tonight."

    "They have any rooms there where you can get something to eat?"

    Oh, shit. "They do, but the place is really… female."

    "No males there at all?"

    Remembering all the looks and whispers she'd endured that day, she gave in to the urge to be pure bitch. "Yeah, there are males. We can get dinner there if you want. And since Jaenelle won't be using it, you're welcome to the other bedroom." She paused. "Besides, we need to talk. There's some trouble here."

    "Fine. Let's go."

    "We'll probably have to walk to the corner to find a cab," Surreal said, walking past him.

    His snort of laughter warned her, but before she could react, he clamped one arm around her waist and launched them skyward. Since her back was pressed to his chest, she didn't have many places to grab while he flew way too close to the treetops, so she settled for swearing as creatively as possible.

    "Shut up," Lucivar said, "or you'll end up with bugs in your teeth."


    Roaring with laughter, he spun them a few times before gliding down to the sidewalk and backwinging to land lightly in front of the "female place."

    "You son of a whoring bitch," Surreal snarled. The sidewalk tilted, and she grabbed the arm he offered. "Just for that, I hope being in this place a few hours makes your balls shrivel up."

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