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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(131) by Anne Bishop
  • "Well, then." Khary rubbed his hands together. "Why don't we join the Ladies?"

    Jaenelle's amused, guilty look when he and Khary entered the sitting room told him she'd had no better luck keeping their secret from Morghann than he'd had keeping it from Khardeen.

    Khary looked at the two women and grinned. "So. Are we going to talk about the wedding thatwill take place or the one thatdid take place?" His eyes shifted to Daemon. "Because we were wondering why you were having so much trouble sitting through dinner."

    Jaenelle snorted.

    Daemon sighed, and muttered, "I backed into a unicorn."

    Morghann burst out laughing. "Oh, we'vegot to hear the details."

    So Khary and Morghann heard the details, and the evening ended with laughter…and the warm sense that he was back among friends.



    Daemon drove the Coach back to Dhemlan. He didn't have much choice, since Ladvarian, who had driven the Coach to Sceval, had announced that he and Kaelas would meet them at the Hall. He usually didn't mind driving, but he'd anticipated talking Jaenelle into tucking into bed for the journey. And they would have gottensome sleep.

    Still, it was pleasant to have her with him in the driver's compartment. Except for the time they spent in bed, it was rare for them to be together without the presence of kindred, court, or family.

    But looking at her, he noticed the dark smudges beneath her eyes… and the way she shivered despite being wrapped up in her winter cape.

    "Why don't you stretch out on the bed and get some sleep?" he suggested.

    "No, I'm fine."

    She might be completely healed, but she hadn't regained her physical stamina. He could see the toll the past two days had taken on her.

    Scooping her out of the other chair, he returned to his chair and settled her on his lap.

    "You're driving," Jaenelle said. "You have to pay attention."

    "I'll pay attention," he promised, wrapping his arms around her. She was right. The psychic pathways through the Darkness made it possible for the Blood to travel faster than they could otherwise, but inattention while riding the Winds could be fatal, and guiding even a small Coach demanded extra care. "Just rest. We'll be back at the Hall a little after midday."

    Jaenelle rested her head against his shoulder. "I thought we were going to Amdarh."

    He hesitated a little too long.

    She raised her head and looked at him, too much knowledge in her eyes.

    "I'll take care of things in Amdarh," he said.


    She'd been born a Queen. Even though she no longer ruled a court, she was still a Queen…and she was stillhis Queen. He couldn't prevent the instinctive desire to yield when Jaenelle gave him a direct command, but living in Kaeleer for the past year had shown him that males could, and did, dig their heels in and oppose the Queen they served when a command might put her at risk.

    "I won't come to harm," he began.

    "You've already been harmed," she snarled.

    His temper strained at the leash. "So far, whoever is playing this game has used nothing but words. Once the announcement of our intended marriage is made…"

    "The game may turn physical. I'm aware of that."

    "I can take care of myself."

    "But you don't think I can. Not having my full strength physically doesn't make me weak."

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