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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(133) by Anne Bishop
  • Eleven

    Lektra dropped her cup, oblivious of the tea seeping into the white tablecloth as she twisted around to stare at the two women seated at the next table in the dining house.

    "I…I beg your pardon," Lektra stammered. "I didn't mean to overhear your conversation, but… Daemon Sadiis getting married ?"

    The woman Lektra recognized as the Priestess in Zhara's First Circle nodded. "Lady Angelhne and Prince Sadi came to Lady Zhara's court this morning and announced they were going to marry in a month."

    "But I… I thought Lady Angelline was an invalid." Lektra gripped the back of her chair so the other women wouldn't see her hands shaking.

    Looking puzzled, the Priestess shook her head. "I don't know where you heard that, but she's not an invalid, although she looks like she's still recovering from her injuries." She paused. "There were some disturbing rumors about Prince Sadi's fidelity, but he was very solicitous with his Lady, doing and saying everything one would expect of an ardent lover."

    "Perhaps doing and saying it too well?" the Priestess's companion asked.

    The Priestess gave her friend a sharp look. "He was concerned for her well-being…as he should be."

    Lektra forced herself to smile and turn away just as a waiter hurried to her table to vanish the soiled tablecloth, replace it with a clean one, and bring her another cup of tea. As much as she wanted to hear about her unfaithful lover's performance while he'd been visiting Zhara's court, it wouldn't do to make anyone wonder about her interest.

    She picked at the meal she'd ordered, no longer taking pleasure in the food, too aware of the women at the other table. Finally, feeling too ill to continue pretending, she paid for her meal and hurried out of the dining house, wanting nothing more than the sanctuary of her own home.


    "What's wrong with that bitch?" Lektra snarled as she paced her sitting room. "Doesn't she have any pride? Shemust have heard that he's been unfaithful to her. She should have severed whatever ties still hold him to her."

    Roxie, curled in one corner of the sofa, selected another chocolate from the large box on the table. "Have youseen her?" She made a disgusted sound. "Even if hewas unfaithful and having sex with six other women every day, she wouldn't let Daemon go if he's still willing to service her. What other man would want her?"

    "But he's going tomarry her!" Lektra's hands clenched. "He's supposed to wantme. He's supposed to loveme." How dare he disappoint her when she was counting on having the strongest, most beautiful man in the Realm as her lover? How could he even think of staying with Jaenelle whenshe loved him so desperately?

    Roxie frowned. "Maybe we can givehim a reason to walk away fromher ."

    Or maybe it's time to take a more direct approach to the problem."I'm going out," Lektra said, hurrying toward the door. Her Summer-sky Jewels were strong enough for what she had in mind. And with luck, there would be some tragic news for people to discuss over dinner tonight.


    Wrapping one arm around Jaenelle, Daemon tucked her closer to his right side as the horse-drawn cab headed out of the shopping district.

    Jaenelle said, "We could…"




    She studied him with narrowed eyes. "You've got that bossy I'm-a-Warlord-Prince-so-rm-right tone in your voice."

    "No, I've got that I'm-a-Warlord-Prince-who-is-your-adoring-loving-husband tone in my voice."

    "Sounds like bossy from where I'm sitting."

    "Must be the acoustics in the cab." He smiled as he kissed her frown-wrinkled forehead. "Sweetheart, you're exhausted. We've paid a courtesy call to Zhara and been seen in several shops today. That's enough. You need to rest." He paused. "Hell's fire, Ineed to rest."

    She considered that for a moment. "What did you have in mind?"

    Several things, but he'd take them in order. "Tucking into the sitting room for the rest of the afternoon. If you're a good little witch and nibble on some food to make up for what you didn't eat at midday, I'll read to you."

    "That's bribery," Jaenelle grumbled.

    "And your point is?"

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