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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(145) by Anne Bishop
  • "What my Queen wants, my Queen will have."

    Knowing better than to argue, Lucivar walked out of the parlor. Daemon followed him. The door closed behind them.

    "Don't worry, Prick," Daemon said. "It won't be much of a quarrel."

    Daemon walked away. Lucivar hesitated, then turned back to the parlor. Better to get rid of the corpse before someone else found it.

    But when he reached for the doorknob, a feeling of revulsion swept through him, making his skin crawl. Stepping back, he studied the door. Stepping forward, the feeling swept over him again.

    Craft. Daemon had done something in the moment when he walked out the door that guaranteed no one would willingly open that door until the spell wore off. Which meant Daemon wanted the body to be found…but not until he was ready to have it found.

    "Well, bitch… or whoever you are," he whispered. "You wanted to play with the Sadist? Looks like you'll get your chance."

    Turning away from the parlor, Lucivar hurried back to the ballroom. He couldn't stop what would happen, but he'd do whatever he could to protect Jaenelle and Surreal.

    Daemon glided back to the ballroom. He had to find Jaenelle and get them both out of this house. He was a danger to everyone around him right now. The kill had cleared his mind enough to give him back a fragment of control, but not enough for him to be sure he wouldn't leave these rooms strewn with corpses.

    Unfortunately, Jaenelle was waiting near the door, waiting for her cue to begin the quarrel.

    "Where have you been?" she asked, handing her glass of sparkling wine to Surreal.

    Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. It stabbed at him that her power was so much less that she hadn't been able to tell that he'd descended to the Black, that he was struggling not to go cold again.

    He walked past her, not quite knowing what to do. He didn't want to quarrel with her.Couldn't quarrel with her. If he said anything that hurt her… Mother Night, he'd destroyed entire courts in Terreille when his temper had been riding this edge. If he hurt her, his control would snap completely, and the killing wouldn't stop until he'd exhausted his body and his power.

    "Where have you been?" Jaenelle raised her voice enough to have conversations throughout the ballroom stutter to a halt.

    He pivoted to face her, enough space between them to explain the raised voices. As he looked into her eyes, relief swept through him so fiercely he felt light-headed. Sheknew. Whatever her reasons for going through with this "quarrel," she knew he was too close to the killing edge and would take care not to push him back into a lethal rage.

    He saw Lucivar walk into the ballroom, saw Surreal hand over Jaenelle's glass of sparkling wine. Hoping those two would have the good sense to stay out of this, he focused on Jaenelle, who, along with everyone else in the room, was waiting for his answer.

    "I wasn't with another woman, if that's what you're asking," he snarled.

    He felt a flash of frustration from her as she tried to find some way to respond to his words that wouldn't hurt either of them.

    Balling her hands into fists, she shouted something at him. The fact that Lucivar choked on the wine confirmed the words were Eyrien, but he didn't know what she'd said. Which gave him a clue how to provide the tone of a quarrel without wounding.

    Unfortunately, there was only one phrase he could think of that no one else would understand. So he bared his teeth and said the words he'd intended to say out of love, in the heat of passion. Words in the Old Tongue.

    Her eyes widened in shock. She clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle the mewling noises. Then she whirled and rushed out of the ballroom.

    Startled by her response, he hesitated.Play out the game, old son. Struggling to look irritated and slightly disgusted, he shook his head and left the ballroom to find Jaenelle.

    She'd made it as far as the conservatory, where large ferns shielded her, giving her some privacy. He approached quietly, pained to see her shoulders hunched and her hands over her face. She gasped for air between sobs.

    "Jaenelle," he said, brushing a hand over her shoulder…and bracing himself for her rejection of his touch. Mother Night, she sounded close to hysterical.

    She lowered her hands and looked at him.

    Shewas close to hysterical… because she was laughing so hard she could barely stay on her feet.

    "I…I…I eat cow brains?" she gasped.

    Shocked, his mouth fell open. "What? You do?"

    "N-n-no.You do."

    He gripped her upper arms to keep her upright. "What? No, I don't."

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