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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(148) by Anne Bishop
  • She studied the two women and saw a kernel of suspicion in the eyes of the witch who had first approached her. So she took a sip, figuring she could get enough of a sense of what the drug was without it disabling her.

    She figured wrong. That one sip made the room lift and drop with stomach-churning speed. Her fingers went numb. The glass dropped to the floor. Her vision faded.

    She made one attempt to contact Lucivar on a psychic thread, but even that was already beyond her ability.

    "Ah, shit," she muttered before she tumbled off the bench.

    Lektra suppressed the urge to give her rival a hard kick in the ribs. Or in the face. After all, she'd promised Tavey he could have the whore for a while, so it wasn't fair to damage the bitch beforehand. And itwas possible that the SaDiablo family would be upset if anything… permanent… happened to Surreal. But they could hardly complain about a whore spreading her legs for one more man. Besides, it wasn't like Tavey would bepaying for the sex.

    "Let's get her out of here," Lektra said.

    Roxie opened the lounge door, peeked out, then signaled. A moment later, a Sapphire-Jeweled Warlord slipped into the room.

    Lektra didn't like the man. Rough manners, rough temper. Roxie had found him somewhere, and the payment that had been promised had been enough to make him put aside any qualms about being an "escort" for an unwilling witch.

    "Take her to the country house as arranged, and keep her there until I say otherwise," Lektra said.

    "Gets boring in the country," he growled.

    "I'm sure you'll find something to do," she replied, glancing pointedly at Surreal.

    He smiled…and she sincerely hoped she'd never see him again. Of course, once she and Daemon were married, she'd never have to worry about men likehim.

    She watched him pull Surreal up off the floor. A moment later, he left the lounge, wrapped in a sight shield to avoid anyone inquiring about his presence at an aristo party…or about the woman slung over his shoulder.

    "We'd better leave," Lektra said. "Have you seen Tavey?"

    "Not since earlier this evening, when he left the ballroom," Roxie replied.

    Tavey should have come back to report Daemon's reaction to their conversation. She'd seen her beautiful love carry that pale bitch out of the party. She hadn't liked that. He should have asked his brother to takeher home. No matter. He wouldn't have to cater to Jaenelle Angelline much longer.

    "If we don't meet up with him on our way out, Tavey will have to make his own way home," Lektra said.

    With Roxie discreetly staying in the background, Lektra made her way to the front door, slipping into the ballroom and making a point of being seen talking to Lady Zhara, who had arrived late…and also giving herself and Roxie a reason to avoid walking past Lucivar Yaslana on the chance that he might recognize Roxie by her psychic scent, despite the illusion spell.

    As soon as he strode away from the front door, they hurried out and went home.

    Swearing under his breath, Lucivar headed for the ladies' lounge. Hell's fire! How long did it take a woman to piss anyway?

    He flung the door open and walked in, not caring if he walked in on a woman pulling down her pants or pulling them up. But the lounge area was empty, and the toilet wasn't occupied.

    Damn her. Where did she…

    Turning to leave, he spotted the glass on the floor near a padded bench. Crouching, he studied it. Most of the liquid had seeped into the carpet, but the few drops left in the glass were enough.

    *Surreal!* His temper flared.*Surreal*

    No answer. Not even an irritable flicker that would have helped him pinpoint a direction.



    *Have you seen Surreal?*

    *Not since I danced with her earlier. Is there a problem?*

    *I'm not sure yet. See if you can find her. I'm going out to widen the search.*

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