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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(162) by Anne Bishop
  • "Did he also kill Lord Tavey?"

    "Sadi killed a Warlord?" Surreal asked.

    "At the party the other night," Lucivar replied. "He was fairly neat about it…in a messy sort of way."

    "I'm so glad I didn't know that."

    "Stop it, both of you," Zhara snapped. "You find this all amusing? It's likely Lady Lektra and her friend were caught in that fire."

    "They wouldn't have been alive when the fire started." Surreal shrugged. "What do you want us to say, sugar? The little bitch played a game with the Sadist…and she lost."

    Zhara went very still. "What did you call him?"

    Lucivar vanished his mug. "In Terreille, they called him the Sadist… with good reason. If you want to push at him for going after a witch who spread those rumors about him and tried to hurt Jaenelle, you go right ahead. You'll live just long enough to regret it."

    The fire went out. One moment it was still blazing, the next it was


    "Oh, shit," Surreal said softly.

    There was plenty of light from the houses on this side of the street to see him coming. That gliding walk, that feline grace. The waves of cold that had the rest of the Blood scrambling to get out of his way.

    "Zhara," Lucivar said very quietly, "don't be a fool."

    Daemon got close enough that Surreal could see his eyes were still glazed, and his lips were curved in that brutal, chilling smile. He was still in a cold rage, still riding the killing edge. If anyone pushed him now…

    Lucivar shifted, drawing Daemon's attention.

    "Still pissed off?" Lucivar asked.

    "Not anymore," Daemon replied. "At least, for now." Those glazed

    eyes fixed on Zhara. "But if anyone from Dhemlan ever tries to hurt my Queen again, I'll kill you all."

    As Daemon turned and walked away, Zhara slowly sank to the ground.

    Not hurt, Surreal decided, just… shocked. Seeing Daemon as the Sadist for the first time had that effect on most people.

    Lucivar wrapped a hand around her arm and pulled her away. "He'll head back to the family town house now to have the quiet he needs to step back from the killing edge. We should be there."

    She didn't want to be anywhere near Daemon right now, but Lucivar was right. Even if there was nothing they could do for Sadi, they could stand as a buffer between him and the rest of the Blood until the cold rage passed.

    "Do you think he could do that?" Surreal asked. "Do you think something could provoke him enough that he'd really kill everyone in Dhemlan?"

    Lucivar muttered, "He's his father's mirror." Then he added, "Let's hope we never have a reason to find out."


    Daemon waited until the following evening before he returned to the Hall. After a long night's sleep, the cold rage had thawed, but he hadn't been able to sheath his temper quite enough to face the "talk" with Jaenelle. So he'd stayed in his room most of the day, letting Surreal and Lucivar deal with the visitors who timidly knocked on the town house door.

    He'd known the moment Zhara had stepped into the town house. Even Lucivar's efforts to shield him from the other visitors' shrill emotions hadn't been enough to keep him from sensing Zhara's spikes of fear. His warning had been found: two bodies, completely untouched by the witchfire that had consumed everything else in Lektra's house. As powerful as he was, his venom didn't offer a kind death, and the fact that he'd made sure there was no way to mistake how they'd died had chilled the aristo Blood in the city. So now the Queen of Amdarh knew what so many witches inTerreille had learned, although usually too late: The Black-Jeweled Warlord Prince who was called the Sadist had no mercy for anyone he considered an enemy. They wouldn't forget the warning because he wouldn't let them forget. The Black Jewels would be in evidence whenever he walked through the streets of Amdarh, and the Blood would understand that their continued survival depended on Jaenelle's compassion, not his. As long as she held the leash, the Sadist would yield to his Queen. If anyone tried to break that leash…

    But therewas someone who might break that leash…and she was waiting for him on the other side of the sitting room door.

    When he walked into the room, he saw her standing at the window. It was too dark to see the garden, so he wondered what held her attention.

    "Is it done?"Jaenelle asked. "It's done."

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