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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(17) by Anne Bishop
  • She looked at him and howled with laughter…which brought an answering roar from behind the cottage.

    Great. Any moment now, he'd be trying to explain to a baffled feline Warlord Prince why their Queen was making those funny noises.

    "I'll see you tomorrow." He leaped off the porch, spread his wings, and launched himself skyward.


    Nope. Fair was fair. He'd dealt with Saetan on his own over the raft, so she could explain her behavior to the "kitty."

    He didn't let Roxie's lingering scent spoil his mood when he returned home. Besides, by tomorrow evening, all his female problems might be solved.


    As she set the brass basket next to the woodpile, Marian felt her back muscles protest and threaten to seize up. Again. Studying the woodpile, she raised one hand and used Craft to lift the pieces of wood and set them in the basket.

    Luthvian would criticize and sneer, saying…again…that it was laziness to use Craft for simple things, but Marian didn't care. Using Craft instead of straining muscles wasn't laziness, it was practical…especially since her back had seized up once today while she was scrubbing the kitchen floor.

    Odd how gentle Luthvian had been when she'd come into the kitchen and found Marian on the floor, unable to get up. At that moment, she had been all Healer, skilled and efficient. But the quiet words she'd said as she eased the pain were the same ones she'd been saying… the useless wings were causing the back pain. Removing them was the only way Marian would fully heal.

    Since she wouldn't let Luthvian remove her wings, she couldn't say anything about the chores that made her back hurt. Sheknew the wounds had been healed, but when she ached, she could close her eyes and mentally trace every knife slash the Warlords had inflicted.

    Gritting her teeth, Marian reached for the handle of the brass basket.

    The basket vanished before she touched it. It reappeared a moment later, waist high and just out of reach. Then it fell to the ground with a heavythunk.

    "Perhaps I wasn't clear enough when I told you to take it easy for a few days." The voice didn't quite hide the ripple of anger beneath the mildly spoken words.

    Marian turned. Jaenelle stood a few feet away from her.

    "Lady Angelline." Marian swallowed hard, unable to look away from those sapphire eyes. She felt as if fingertips were passing over her body, just above her skin.

    "You haven't done any permanent damage," Jaenelle said, "but…"

    "Marian!" Luthvian's voice lashed out through the open kitchen windows. "Are you going to dawdle all night over a few pieces of wood? You have chores to finish."

    Something deadly flashed in Jaenelle's eyes, gone so fast Marian wasn't

    sure she'd actually seen it.

    "Pack your things," Jaenelle said quietly. "You're leaving."



    She wasn't going to argue withthat voice. Moving as fast as her stiff legs could manage, she reached the cottage's far corner just as Luthvian stepped out of the kitchen door.

    "Hell's fire, girl," Luthvian snapped. "Where's the wood? Can't you do anything…" She froze for a moment. "Good evening, Jaenelle."

    "Good evening, Luthvian." Jaenelle moved forward until she stood next to Marian. "Marian is leaving. Her skills are required elsewhere."

    Luthvian looked as if she'd been slapped, but she recovered quickly. "We need to discuss this."

    "Fine," Jaenelle replied. "We'll discuss it while Marian packs her


    The air crackled with suppressed temper. Marian stepped back and swung around both women, too nervous to step between them. As she entered the kitchen, she heard Luthvian say, "She's adequate, but anyone who pays wages for her work will be disappointed."

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