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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(28) by Anne Bishop
  • door, the woman shouted,"I won't forget this!"

    Neither will I,Marian thought as she slid the bolts back into place.

    She'd bet a month's wages that she'd just met the reason Yaslana had

    Ebon-gray locks on his doors.


    Lucivar strode over the rock-cleared ground, working up from annoyance to being thoroughly pissed off as he watched Marian set herself to try to lift a rock that weighed more than she did. One slashing look at Tassle was enough to prevent the young wolf from announcing his presence. The fact that his little hearth witch was so focused…or so exhausted…she wasn't even aware of him coming up behind her just made his temper more volatile and his control more slippery.

    But he would stay calm.

    She groaned a little as she tried to get a better grip on the rock.

    He would be reasonable.

    She braced herself to try again.

    He was on her in a heartbeat, his arms going around her, his hands clamping down on her wrists to keep her from jerking upward. Not that she could move much, with his arms locking her wings against her body, his chest pressed against her back, and his legs bracing hers.

    Even though he'd expected her to react to being restrained by a male, her instant panic still screamed at his instincts to defend and protect. He fought a quick, nasty battle with himself to keep from rising to the killing edge since that was the last thing that would ease her fear.

    So he would stay calm.

    "Marian," he said quietly.

    She panted, trembled. But after a few painfully long seconds, she said, "Prince Yaslana?"

    "Yes, it's Lucivar. Let go of the rock now."

    He waited while she fought her own internal battle. On one level, she knew holding the rock wasn't a defense against an attack, but it still took a while before she managed to convince her body. When her hands finally relaxed, he drew them away from the rock. Sliding his hands up to her shoulders, he straightened up, bringing her with him.

    Being attracted to her made him aware of her body in ways he'd had to pretend he didn't notice, but he wasn't going to ignore this. No, he was not.

    But he would stay calm.

    He led her over to the stone that had weathered into a natural seat. As he helped her ease down to sit on the stone, he noticed the Rose Jewel she wore. Her Birthright Jewel. He could think of one reason why she was wearing the Rose instead of her Purple Dusk, and he didn't like it.

    But he would be reasonable.

    "What in the name of Hell are you doing?"he roared. She shrank away from him as he towered over her, but seeing her so tired made him too angry to care that he was scaring her. "I…I…" Marian stammered.

    "You what? Wanted to see how many rocks you could move before you ruined your back? I know it still bothers you occasionally, so don't bother trying to deny it."

    She winced. "I used Craft to take most of the weight." "Oh, I can see that," he said, pointing at her Rose Jewel. "And you needed to draw so much power to lift things you couldn't possibly lift otherwise that you drained your Purple Dusk Jewel doing it. Isn't that why you're wearing the Rose?"

    When she just stared at him mutely, he swore and started pacing to work off the sharpest edge of temper. Problem was, the movement also gave him time to notice more of what she'd done.

    He snarled at her. "In order to get this much cleared, you must have started the minute I was out of sight and kept at it for the past two days."

    "I got my work done," Marian protested.

    Oh. Well.That certainly made him feel better. And the tears in her eyes and defeated way she held herself ripped at him. He didn't want her defeated. He didn't want her afraid. But he'd be damned if he was going to let her hurt herself in order to do…

    "What is this, Marian?" Lucivar waved his hand to indicate the cleared land. "Explain."

    She looked at the ground, a tear sliding down her face. "A kitchen garden," she whispered. "Some herbs. A few flowers. I didn't think you'd mind."

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