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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(35) by Anne Bishop
  • Jaenelle came over to the bed and crouched down so Marian wouldn't have to look up at her. "When you were staying with Luthvian, did she take you to any of the shops in Doun?"

    There was something under that question, but she was too tired to be cautious. "For some underwear. She gave me some clothes that didn't suit her anymore." And had implied that even those were too good for a lowly housekeeper.

    Jaenelle nodded, a mix of sadness and anger in her eyes. "I asked Luth-vian to take you to the shops so that you could buy new clothes, and since I know her well enough to know she'd complain about spending any of her income on anyone but herself, I gave her enough gold marks to purchase those clothes. The fact that she chose to do otherwise…" She sighed. "Everything has a price. She made her choice, and the rest of the family will make theirs." "I don't want to cause trouble."

    "You didn't."Jaenelle gave Marian's arm a sisterly pat. "Get some rest. We'll have a lovely dinner tonight, and tomorrow we'll go to Dharo."

    Jaenelle was at the door before Marian managed to prop herself up on her elbows. "Dharo?"

    Jaenelle grinned. "We still have to buy carpets, and there's no one in Kaeleer who makes finer carpets than the weavers of Dharo."

    Marian stared at the door long after Jaenelle was gone. Dharo. Carpets. Another day of shopping.

    She pressed her face into her pillow… and whimpered.


    Snarling softly, Lucivar paced the flagstone courtyard in front of his eyrie. Where in the name of Hell was she? He'd told Jaenelle he needed two days.Two days. All right, fine. He understood…eventually… why Marian hadn't come back last night. Maybe they'd finished their… whatever…he couldn't remember what he'd suggested Jaenelle do as a way to keep Marian out of Ebon Rih…too late to come back last night. And he wouldn't expect them at sunrise, since Jaenelle wasn't someone you dared talk to until she'd had her first cup of coffee. But it was almost midday now, and his sisterstill hadn't returned his hearth witch.

    He missed her. He hadn't noticed her absence too much while the men were working all around him, but at the end of the day, when he went into the eyrie alone…

    She warmed the place, just by being there. When he stepped inside, he could feel the comfort of her presence. There were days when he thought she was really getting used to him, and they were two people who were interested in each other and moving toward living together instead of living in the same place. And there were other days when she withdrew from him for no reason, when the way she held herself made it clear that he was the Prince and she was the housekeeper.

    He'd been careful. He kept a choke hold on his body's response to her so that he wouldn't touch her in a way that made her think he required

    sex from her. But he wanted an invitation to her bed, wanted to take her into his bed, just… wanted. Not knowing what he did that made her turn away from him put a dangerous edge of frustration on an already well-honed temper.

    She needed time. He would give her time. She would be skittish until she really trusted that he wouldn't hurt her. So he would be patient.

    He. Would. Be. Patient.

    He glanced at the empty stairs leading down to the landing place and snarled.

    Where was she?

    A few moments later, he felt her presence at the landing place, along with Jaenelle and…

    He glanced up at the sky. What was Saetan doing here at this time of day?

    His anticipation of having her home again suddenly tangled with an attack of nerves. What if she hated what he'd done here in the past two days? What if she was disappointed?

    Then he saw her coming up the last few steps. She looked tired. She looked wonderful. He wanted to sweep her up into his arms and hold on, just to be close to her. Because he couldn't do that, he stood waiting, motionless.

    Marian smiled at him when she reached the flagstones, with Jaenelle right behind her. Since his nerves were fraying, he directed a searing look…and his temper…at his sister. "You're late."

    "Marian and I had been talking about books, and since we stopped at the town house in Amdarh overnight, we waited until the book shops opened this morning," Jaenelle replied coolly.

    Marian hurried toward him, stopping just out of reach. "It's my fault. There were so many books to choose from, and I hadn't realized you'd expected me back at a… particular…" Her voice trailed off as she noticed the new stone wall and the wooden gate that opened off the courtyard. Silent, she went over to the gate, opened it, and followed the flagstone path Tarl had laid out around the beds that were bordered by stone or wood. She looked around, saying nothing.

    "I don't know what's got you in such a snit this morning," Jaenelle

    said as she came up beside him, "but whatever it is…" She stopped. Looked. "Oh. Oh, Lucivar."

    He watched her follow the same path, watched her touch Marian's shoulder. And he felt a sharp stab in the gut when Marian turned and he saw tears in her eyes.

    "You did well, Prince," Saetan said quietly.

    Lucivar turned his back on the two women now holding each other. "Yeah. I did so well, I made her cry."

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