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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(37) by Anne Bishop
  • Marian had chosen these things. Which meant she'd be comfortable living with them. If she was pleased, that was enough to satisfy him. Then he remembered the last thing Saetan had said. "What's the


    "Ah," Saetan said. "You're going to have to dig in your heels about

    this one."

    They retreated to an empty room. When Saetan called in the last piece of furniture, Lucivar just studied it, trying to figure out why this was different from the rest.

    "What is it?" he finally asked.

    Saetan lifted a finger. Doors and drawers opened. "It's a sewing cabinet. To store supplies. Marian enjoys weaving in her free time, and she's used to sewing most of her own clothes. She wanted this but couldn't afford it—"

    "She can buy anything she damn well wants to," Lucivar growled. Saetan nodded. "You know that, I know that, and Jaenelle knows that. Marian hasn't figured it out yet, and I think her status as a lowly housekeeper is being reinforced on a regular basis."

    His growl deepened, and he turned on his father. "She isn't a lowlyanything. She's a warm, caring woman with her own talents and her own skills and just because she earns a wage for using those skills—"

    The chilling anger in Saetan's eyes stopped him. Something had pricked the High Lord's temper in the last two days. It simmered below the surface, tightly leashed, but it was going to explode. Soon.

    His mind raced, thinking of the way Marian retreated from him some days, using the position of housekeeper as a wall between them. Saetan must have brushed against that same wall, but the High Lord, who had a far keener understanding of women than his son did, had realized what reinforced that wall. Since she lived in Ebon Rih, who would keep telling Marian she was nothing but a lowly…

    His eyes locked with Saetan's, and seeing the answer, he swore softly, viciously, while his temper soared.

    "I'll take care of it," Saetan said too softly. "You shouldn't tangle with your mother over this."

    "Why not?" Lucivar snapped. "She loves me because I'm her son and

    hates me because I'm an Eyrien warrior, so we're not exactly cordial with each other." And that love, he remembered bitterly, had been skewed enough that she'd given him away and he'd grown up believing he was a half-breed bastard, fighting, always fighting, for a place within Eyrien society.

    "I will deal with this, Lucivar."

    A father's command. Besides, Lucivar knew with chilling certainty how he'd respond if Luthvian used her particular kind of Craft to harm Marian in any way, and knowing she had already tried to poison with words what he was trying to build… It was better if he stayed away from his mother for a while.

    When they walked out the side door of the eyrie into the garden, Jaenelle gave them a slashing look.

    *I shielded her,* Jaenelle told them. *Having your tempers wash over her would have spoiled her pleasure, so if it's not already settled, pick another time and place for it.*

    *It's settled,* Saetan replied.

    Lucivar nodded.

    Turning back to Marian, Jaenelle smiled. "Papa and I have to go now. I'll send over those cuttings in a day or two. You've got enough to plant right now."

    "Oh," Marian said. "I'm sorry. I didn't even think. Would you like something to eat before you go?"

    "No, thank you," Saetan replied, giving Marian a warm smile.

    Not sure how annoyed Jaenelle was with him for letting his temper slip, Lucivar breathed a sigh of relief when she kissed him before accepting Saetan's arm and walking back to the landing place where the Coach waited for them.

    Which left him alone with Marian, who gave him a shy smile. He would have taken a kiss from her, too, but suggesting it, even teasingly, would upset her, so he settled for the smile.

    "Thank you," she said. "It's wonderful. Better than I imagined it could be."

    "You're pleased with it, then?"

    "Oh, yes."

    He nodded. "It'll look even better when you've got everything in place."

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