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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(39) by Anne Bishop
  • Saetan watched the students hurry out the front door of Luthvian's three-story stone house. They didn't notice him standing just beyond the low wall that enclosed her land. The shields he'd wrapped around himself guaranteedno one would sense him until he wanted his presence known. So he had time to study the house he'd had built for Lucivar's mother, had time to tighten the chains that held his temper under control.

    The anger that shimmered through him was a sly thing that had twined around memories he'd pushed aside so long ago he'd felt only the echo of them as he'd watched Marian over the past two days. But the echo had been enough to prick at him, warning him that something wasn't right…that something might happen again that had happened before. When he finally recognized what it was about a quiet, gentle hearth witch that made him edgy…

    He watched his younger son pace the study, a storm waiting to break.

    "Peyton… what's wrong?"

    It wasn't hatred in the young Warlord Prince's eyes. Not quite. But what he saw twisted a knot in his belly.

    "I asked Shim to marry me," Peyton snarled.

    Where was the joy that should have accompanied those words? Peyton was in love with the Dharo witch, and her feelings for Peyton ran just as deep. He'd been

    sure of that during the times when Peyton had brought Shira to the Hall to spend time with the family. His son wasn't a fool. Peyton understood that marrying a witch who didn't come from one of the three long-lived races meant their union would be a lifetime for her and, for him, a few decades in a life that would span centuries. But everything has a price, and loving deeply for a few decades was better than yearning for that kind of love and never having it be part of your life. Wasn't it?

    "You asked her to marry you," he said cautiously, wondering what had gone wrong, because it was clear something had gone wrong.

    "You don't need to worry about me diluting the SaDiablo bloodline with an inferior woman, Father. She's decided we won't suit."

    The insult within Peyton's words stunned him for a moment. "What are you talking about?"

    "She won't have me!"Peyton shouted. "I love her with everything in me, and I know she loves me, but she won't marry me because—"He stopped, his hands curling into fists as he clenched his teeth.

    He locked his fingers together to hide the trembling in his own hands. "Because… ?" he asked gently.

    Peyton stared at him, tears and fury in those gold eyes. "Because of you."

    A son couldn't choose crueler words to lance a father's heart.

    Breathing hard, Peyton came forward, slapped his hands on the desk. "The woman I love won't have me because of you. Because you're the High Lord of Hell. Because she's afraid something will happen to her family if she doesn't take the hints that she's tolerable as a lover to satisfy a Warlord Prince's needs but won't be tolerated if she dares become a wife."

    His own temper sharpened but couldn't get past the slicing pain inflicted by the words.

    "I've never… I've never done anything to indicate she wasn't welcome. Peyton, you know that."

    "Do I?" Peyton shoved away from the desk. "Do you think I care about our precious bloodline? Do you think it makes any difference to me that she's a musician and earns her living by using the talents she has? Do you think I give a damn that she doesn't come from an aristo family?"

    "How could you think those things would matter to me?" It was a heartfelt cry that went unheard.

    Peyton returned to the desk, placed his hands on the glossy surface, and leaned forward. "You got what you wanted, High Lord…"

    "It's not what I wanted!"

    "…but you aren't going to get everything." Peyton stepped away. "I lost Shira—and you lost me." He turned and walked toward the door.

    "Peyton!" His legs were shaking too much to hold him. He braced his hands against the desk.

    The Warlord Prince who turned to face him was no longer the son he loved, wasn't anyone he recognized.

    "I'm leaving," Peyton said quietly. "The only way you can stop me is by killing me."

    He sank back into the chair as his son walked out of the study, walked out of the Hall… walked out of his life.

    Saetan closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing. Just breathing.

    The split between him and Peyton had shattered the family for months. It was Mephis who finally realized who had been whispering the poisoned, honeyed words that had made Shira run away from the man she'd loved.

    He'd been so devastated by Peyton's accusations, he hadn't thought of Hekatah. Mephis and Peyton had been children when he'd divorced her after she'd tried to shatter his friendship with Andulvar Yaslana by seducing his closest friend and flaunting the pregnancy that had come from that seduction. Instead, Andulvar had kept the child, and Saetan had severed his marriage to a woman who had loved nothing but the power she thought she could control through him.

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