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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(55) by Anne Bishop
  • "I don't know. My father thinks it'sbecause she's so powerful that some things don't react as expected."

    "I thought I'd explained something wrong," Marian said. "So after she left, I cooked the rest of the eggs. They're perfect." She wobbled in her chair. "Jaenelle felt so bad when she left."

    "Your offer to teach her was a kind gesture," Lucivar said. "But, Marian? This is a witch who, when she was sixteen, blew up the kitchen at the Hall because she confused the spell she was putting together with the casserole she and her friend Karla were making and put the wrong mixture in the oven. Think about that for a minute. Casserole. Spell. They couldn't tell the difference by looking at what was in the dishes."

    "She blew up the kitchen?"

    "Destroyed it. Right down to the last wooden spoon."

    Marian shuddered.

    "So the next time you want to do something kind for Jaenelle, make her a casserole or bake some nutcakes. But don't let her play in the kitchen."

    Putting a shield around his hands so he wouldn't drip yolk, Lucivar walked over to the sink and used Craft to turn on the water taps. As he washed his hands, he said, "Do I dare ask what's for dinner?"

    Marian hiccuped. "Eggs."

    He turned off the water and sighed. "Yeah. That's what I thought."


    "I have work," Marian said as Lucivar hauled her out of the kitchen and into the eyrie's front room. Tassle followed them, making worried little huffy sounds.

    "The work will still be there an hour from now," Lucivar replied. She looked at the thick drops of rain hitting the glass doors that led to the lawn beyond. If it got any colder, that rain would turn to snow. "You're just doing this because you're bored."

    Using Craft, Lucivar moved the furniture against the walls, leaving a large bare circle of stone floor. "If I was bored, I'd go to the Hall and annoy my father. That perks up both our days."

    Bet it doesn't perk them up in the same way,Marian thought. "I don't want to do this."

    "Whining about it won't do you any good."

    Whining? She bristled at the insult. She wasn'twhining. She was pointing out the obvious to a thickheaded male. Femalesdid not use Eyrien weapons. Ask any Eyrien male…except the one standing in front of her…and he'd tell you that.

    Since being reasonable wasn't going to work, she lowered her voice and tried menacing. "I've got a skillet, and I know how to use it." His quick grin wasn't the reaction she'd hoped for. "That's fine," he said, turning. "Now you're going to acquire skill with a traditional weapon."

    "I'm not…"

    He spun back toward her, and shouted, "If you get hurt because you're too damn stubborn to learn how to defend yourself, I will beat the shit out of you!"

    Goaded by the unexpected verbal shove, she shoved back. "If you ever raise a hand to me, I will gut you!"

    They stared at each other. She had that one moment for fear to zing through her as she realized she'd just threatened a Warlord Prince. Before she could move, his hands clamped on her waist. One quick toss in the air. As she came down, he wrapped his arms around her lower back and bu**ocks and spun her around and around.

    "Ha! I knew you had it in you!" He laughed as he spun her.

    "Stop!" Marian grabbed his shoulders. "Lucivar,stop\"

    He stopped. Since the room was still circling, she clung to his shoulders. Her feet didn't touch the floor, which put them eye to eye. With her heart pounding, she dared to look at him, hoping he wasn't too angry with her.

    He didn't look angry at all. His eyes were lit with amusement, and he grinned at her as if she'd just done something wonderful.

    Giving her a friendly squeeze, he said, "That's my feisty hearth witch. Now give us a snarl. SayGrrrr!"

    Heat flooded her face. She pushed at his shoulders, wanting to get down, wanting to get away. He just tightened his arms.

    "I'm not putting you down until I get a snarl," he said.

    She looked away, mortified…and saw Tassle standing to one side, watching them. The wolf curled his lips, revealing an impressive set of teeth. After a moment, the lips relaxed. He waved the tip of his tail, then did the whole thing all over again.

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