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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(58) by Anne Bishop
  • He wanted her to win. And he'd throw everything he was behind her to help her do it.

    She swallowed tears and gathered her courage. "Could you help me learn how to fly again?"

    He approached her slowly. No smile. No light words. He reached out and stroked her hair, watching her. He kissed her forehead, something he'd done frequently since the day she threw the pot at him. Then he kissed her mouth. A restrained kiss that made no demands…and left her wishing he would make a few.

    "I'll help you fly again," he said as he stepped back. "Get your cape. We'll still go down to the village for a meal."

    Wondering how soon they could start working to restore her flying skills, she hurried to obey. As she reached the steps that led to the rest of the eyrie, he said, "Marian?"

    She turned.

    He grinned at her. "Learning how to fly again isn't going to get you out of learning the sticks. Just so we're clear on that."

    Hell's fire, she thought as she hurried to her room to brush her hair and. get her cape. She hadn't thought about doing both. The time it would take out of her daily schedule… But he'd already locked the gate on any argument she could make.

    Somehow that didn't annoy her as much as it should have.


    Marian paused at the side door of the eyrie and looked at the dark, heavy clouds coming over the mountains. No gentle snowfall this time, but a mean storm that would bury Ebon Rih for days. Hopefully, Lucivar would get home before it hit.

    *Tassle?* she called on a psychic thread.

    *I am returning to the den,* Tassle replied.

    Good. A kindred wolf would know how to find shelter if he was caught out in a storm, but she'd feel easier having him at the eyrie.

    Hurrying into the mud room, she shook the snow off her heavy cape before hanging it on the pegs to dry. She traded her boots for soft house shoes, then went into the kitchen to put away the food she'd bought to last them through the storm.

    As she unpacked her cloth market bags, she kept glancing out the window. The snow was already coming down fast. A hard gust of wind turned the world white and blind for a moment. Then she caught a glimpse of Tassle at the far end of her garden and breathed a sigh of relief. One of her males was home and safe. Now if the other one…

    For the past few days, ever since they'd returned from celebrating Winsol at his father's house, Lucivar had been on edge. He denied there was anything wrong, but the looks he'd given her were close to hostile. Something was putting his back up, and she suspected it had to do with her.

    Spending Winsol, the winter holiday that was a celebration of the Darkness, at the Hall had been fun and dazzling. She'd felt disappointed that Andulvar and Prothvar Yaslana hadn't been there, since she'd been hoping to meet them, but meeting the coven almost made up for that. There had been long walks and snowball fights, afternoons when the women had gathered to talk and laugh. During one of those afternoons, it had suddenly occurred to her that the women who were including her as if she were one of them were the Queens who ruled their respective Territories. But they didn't seem to notice that she was just a hearth witch, just a housekeeper. And the looks on their faces the day she'd told them she'd spent the morning with Mrs. Beale, helping prepare the midday meal…

    No one,she was told, was allowed in Mrs. Beale s kitchen. It was probably for the best that she hadn't mentioned trading recipes with the woman who ruled the Hall's kitchen.

    Then there was Lucivar. Seeing him with his family, the coven, and the boyos had been a revelation. Demanding and yielding, stubborn and considerate, arguing with one of them and defending that person in the next breath. He'd insisted on morning workouts, which hadn't pleased her until she discovered the whole coven showed up without grumbling. Watching them move through the warmups, watching them spar with him and each other, she realized how serious he was about witches being comfortable using weapons in order to defend themselves. And watching him spar with Jaenelle… Her heart had been in her throat the whole time she watched that violent dance.

    But the biggest difference was the way he'd responded to her. Ever since the day when he'd promised to help her learn to fly again, he'd been touching her, giving her easy, friendly kisses. The kisses he'd given her at the Hall made her wonder, made her hungry. They were the kisses of a man who wanted. Except he hadn't asked if he could come to her bed, hadn't invited her to come to his. So she wasn't sure what those kisses meant, but she wondered what it would be like to be with him.

    And sheshouldn't wonder. She was hishousekeeper. It would be too easy to forget that if she responded to him as a woman.

    Had he wanted her to invite him? Was that why he was so testy now?

    Marian looked out the kitchen window. The snow was falling so fast now, she couldn't see anything. Where was he?

    Lucivar stood on a mountain ledge on the other side of Ebon Rih, watching the storm come over the mountains. It matched his mood, matched a temper already primed to explode.

    Hell's fire! Why had Luthvian wanted to ride out the storm inhis home? She had plenty of food, and with warming spells on the pipes that ran from the house to the well, she'd wouldn't be without water. And hadn't he filled every damn woodbox in her house? Using Craft, she could call in more wood from the woodpile without going outside. So why did she suddenly want to spend time with him?

    Not that he would have her. Not today. Just the smell of her, and the lingering scent of her female students, had been enough to make him want to smash furniture, shatter bone. And the males in the villages…

    The sight of them had been enough to bring him a heartbeat away from the killing edge. They hadn't done anything wrong, had, in fact, done everything they could to prepare the villages in Ebon Rih to ride out the storm. But he'd wanted to hurt them, had felt something close to blind hatred for all of them.

    His father was at the Keep. He could sense that dark power. So tempting to go to Ebon Askavi and test his precarious control against that darker strength.

    What in the name of Hell was wrong with him? He wanted to get home before the storm really broke.Wanted to get back to his eyrie, back to…

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