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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(69) by Anne Bishop
  • Marian looked at the Black Jewel hanging from the chain around Jaenelle's neck, then looked into those sapphire eyes—and swallowed hard.

    "She said she was going to tell people Lucivar tried to force himself on her so that he would have to serve her," Marian said, her voice barely above a whisper.

    "He's an Ebon-gray Warlord Prince," Jaenelle said. "How would she control him?"

    Marian licked her bloody lower lip. "With a Ring of Obedience."

    Lucivar swore quietly, viciously, the memory of the pain that a Ring of Obedience could inflict shuddering through him.

    "She's a lying bitch!" Roxie shouted.

    "Is she?" Jaenelle asked, her eyes never leaving Marian's face. "There's a simple way to tell. Are you willing to open your mind to me, Marian? Will you let me read your thoughts, your feelings, your heart? Will you open yourself to me, knowing that if what you said here is a lie, I will take you down into the abyss so deep it will shatter you, destroy you? Are you willing?"

    Jaenelle, don't do this,Lucivar thought.

    Marian sat up straight. "Yes," she said. "I'll open my mind to you."

    Everyone in the tavern waited, hardly daring to breathe.

    "And you, Roxie?" Jaenelle asked, turning toward the other witch. "Will you open your mind to me, knowing a lie will destroy you?"

    Wailing, Roxie shook her head.

    Lucivar suppressed a shudder when Jaenelle's eyes pierced him. Her rage was a living thing, and it would take so little right now to set it free—with devastating results.

    *I will deal with this, Lady,* he said.

    *And you will report to me after you've dealt with it,* Jaenelle replied. *If Roxie's taste for manipulating and controlling males has reached this point, it's not just your life that's at risk, Prince Yaslana.*

    *I'm aware of that, Lady. I'll deal with it.*

    Jaenelle nodded. Then her eyes narrowed slightly as she studied Marian. *She has no injuries that require more healing skill than you possess, but I can do the healing if you prefer.*

    *My thanks, Lady, but I'll take care of her.* He sent a touch of arrogance through the psychic thread. *Besides, she owes me for trying to kick my balls into my throat.*

    *I see. Then you must be pleased that she learned the lessons you insisted on teaching her.*

    *She still punches like a girl.* He rubbed his sore jaw. *For the most part.*

    He felt a hint of amusement from her, which was exactly what he'd hoped for. Her rage had turned aside, but it wouldn't take much to bring it back -with lethal results. As much as he loved her, he breathed a sigh of relief when she walked out of The Tavern and caught the Winds to go back to the Keep.

    Which left him with his muddy, bruised hearth witch and the sobbing bitch.

    "You two," he said, pointing to the two Warlords who had assisted Roxie into the tavern. "Escort Lady Roxie home and inform her father that I'll see him tomorrow."

    "I want her punished!" Roxie wailed as the two men hauled her to her feet. "She attacked me! I want her punished!"

    And I want you dead,Lucivar thought.But we can't always have what we want.

    He waited until Roxie was gone before turning to Marian. "As for you…"

    She shrank back in the chair, her courage gone.

    Shaking his head, he hauled her out of the chair. "Come on, witch-ling. Let's get you home while you can still move. You're not going to believe how sore you'll be by tomorrow."

    "Don't you worry about setting a meal on the table, Marian," Merry called. "I'll pack a basket and bring up a few dishes in a little while."

    "Basket," Marian gasped. "My carry basket. All my shopping."

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