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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(72) by Anne Bishop
  • "Marian. Yes, that's the name! Your…"


    Roxie's father paled. "What?"

    "Marian is my lover," Lucivar said softly.

    "But… But you promised Roxie…"

    Lucivar snarled. "The only thing I ever promised Roxie was that I'd kill her if I found her in my bed again."

    The man staggered toward a chair and sank into it.

    He loves the little bitch,Lucivar thought as pity stirred in him. But pity couldn't alter what he'd come here to do. In truth, he was showing Roxie more mercy than she probably deserved. "Everything has a price. The price of rape is execution. Falsely accusing a man of rape also has a price…the witch's Jewels… or her life."

    "But she didn't accuse you of anything! You only have that woman's…that Lady's word on it."

    "She didn't have a chance to accuse me," Lucivar countered. He took

    a deep breath, let it out in a sigh, and shook his head. Better just to say it and be done. "Because she didn't have a chance to play out her game, I can be… flexible… about the penalty. I can't justify taking her life, but I won't have her putting men's lives at risk in the land where I rule. Therefore, Roxie is exiled from Ebon Rih.You have three days to get her settled beyond the borders of this valley. If she's not gone by then, I'll come hunting. And if she ever returns to Ebon Rih, I'll kill her."

    "You can't!" Roxie's father wailed.

    "I'm the law here," Lucivar said. "This is as much mercy as I can offer a woman like her. You can accept it and get her out of Ebon Rih"…he called in his war blade…"or I can kill her now. I imagine there will be a fair number of young men who will sleep easier tonight if I do."

    Roxie's father clutched his chest. Tears filled his eyes. "Where is she supposed to go?"

    "I don't give a damn." He vanished the war blade. "Just get her out of Ebon Rih, or her life is forfeit."

    The man burst out crying.

    Since there was nothing more to say, Lucivar walked out of the house and down the street. It was tempting to fly away, to let speed and height put distance between him and that house. But he walked down the street so the people in the other houses would see him, would know. He was the law in Ebon Rih, and nothing except his Queen's command could change that.


    Lucivar stopped, turned toward the voice. A young man lingered in a carriageway between two of the houses. Decently dressed, but not from an aristo family. Probably a merchant's son. "What can I do for you?"

    "There was some talk…" He glanced down the street. "I mean… Roxie…"

    "Has been exiled from Ebon Rih."

    The youngster closed his eyes. "Thank you."

    Lucivar choked back his temper. So. Here was one of Roxie's victims. "She won't bother you anymore."

    "But what about the others?" the young man asked, pleading.

    "What others?" Lucivar snapped.

    "We… Roxie and me… we only did it twice. Then she lost interest in me, said I wasn't a good enough tumble for her to keep seeing me. But her friends started coming around to my father's shop, and they wanted… expected…"Bitterness filled his eyes."They said they'd heard I was an easy romp, and I should accommodate them the way I'd done for Roxie. But I'd cared for her, and I thought she cared…" His voice trailed off.

    "Is your family standing by you?"

    "Yes, sir. My father says caring enough to be intimate with a girl isn't a mistake. My mistake was in caring for the wrong kind of girl. And Mother says all young men have a trip and stumble somewhere along the way, that I'll be a better man for it."

    "But that doesn't keep the other bitches from expecting you to drop your pants," Lucivar said.

    The young man hung his head. "No, sir."

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