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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(73) by Anne Bishop
  • He almost told the youngster there was nothing he could do for him. Then he thought about Saetan's rules for anyone staying at the Hall."This is an order, puppy, so pay attention." He waited until the youngster straightened up and stared at him. "Until I tell you otherwise, you may not have sex with a girl without my permission. That means both of you coming before me and telling me you want each other. I'll let you make the choice about kissing and petting above the waist. You go any further than that without coming to me first, I will beat the shit out of you. And I'll beat the shit out of her, just so it's clear that the penalty to her will be equally harsh if she pushes after you decline. You understand me?"

    "Yes, sir. Thank you."

    "Get yourself back home. No man with any sense is going to want to be anywhere near this street today."

    A restrained smile. "Yes, Prince."

    Lucivar watched the young man move down the street and turn the corner, not quite running as he headed back to his own part of the village, but moving with speed. An example he intended to follow.

    Spreading his wings, he launched himself toward the clean spring sky, then hovered for a moment before catching the Red Wind and heading for the Keep.

    * * *

    Lucivar watched Saetan sort through books stacked on the large black-wood table in the Keep's library. He wasn't sure why his father needed so many reference books, but if it had anything to do with Jaenelle, it wasn't something he really wanted to know. "Did I do the right thing?"

    "Who are you asking?" Saetan replied.

    "The Warlord Prince of Dhemlan."

    Saetan set aside the books and looked at him. "You did the right thing. You didn't have sufficient reason to order an execution or to break Roxie and deprive her of the power she might have used to… persuade… a lighter-Jeweled male to have sex with her. I imagine some harsh things will be said about you by the aristo families in Doun…"

    Lucivar snorted. "As if I give a damn."

    Saetan nodded, as if he had expected that answer. "I also imagine, when word of this spreads, the Queens who rule the Blood villages in Ebon Rih are going to think long and hard about this. So are the Warlord Princes who live in the valley. You've drawn the line, Lucivar, and they're the ones who will be expected to help you enforce it." He paused. "I suggest you stay close to home for the next day or two."

    "I'm not going to hide because I made a decision some of the Blood won't like," Lucivar snarled.

    Saetan smiled. "You're not hiding, you're practicing domestic survival skills. If you leave Marian to deal with all the visitors I expect you'll have in the next few days, she'll be more than justified in kicking your ass."


    Marian rushed into The Tavern, relieved to see Merry behind the bar. Even more relieved that the place hadn't begun to fill up with the people who stopped by for a midday meal.

    "I need a small keg of ale," Marian said. Then she frowned. "Maybe two."

    "Having a party?" Merry asked as she wiped down the bar.

    "A party would be fun. This is…" Marian perched on a stool. "I'm not sure what this is."

    "Word got out," Merry said, cocking her head. "You've been having visitors?"

    Marian groaned. "It wasn't so bad yesterday. Several aristo Ladies from Doun called on Lucivar to assure himthey hadn't done anything to deserve exile.Which makes you wonder what theyhad done. But today…"

    "Last night, everyone who came into our place was talking about Roxie's exile." Merry reached for the coffee mug on the bar. "Good for us to be rid of the bitch. Good for Lucivar for doing it." She raised the mug in a salute. "Here's to the Prince of Ebon Rih."

    "And how is our Lady Marian today?" Briggs said as he walked in from the back room.

    "She needs two small kegs of ale," Merry replied.

    "I'll add a couple of bottles of brandy to that," Briggs said. "The Prince might need something a bit stronger than ale by the time the day is done." He grinned. "Or you will."

    Marian smiled weakly. There was more truth in that than Briggs knew. She'd baked yesterday and early this morning in anticipation of having a few visitors after Lucivar had told her about Roxie, but she hadn't anticipated so many. She'd already stopped at the bakery since there wasn't time to tend to the visitors and do more baking herself.

    When the kegs and brandy appeared on the bar, she vanished them and jumped off the stool. "I'd better get back."

    "I'm making steak pies to serve this evening," Merry said. "I'll make an extra and send it up to you. You'll have enough to do today without putting a meal together."

    "Thanks," Marian said with a smile. She hurried out of The Tavern and flew home as fast as she could.

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