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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(82) by Anne Bishop
  • Lucivar pointed a finger at Marian and snarled, "I accept."

    "And he accepted," Merry said gleefully.

    "In front of witnesses," Jaenelle added. "How soon can the Priestess get here?"

    A brief pause. "She says half an hour," Merry replied. "She needs to wash up a bit and change her clothes, then hitch up her pony cart."

    "My cart's already hitched," a man called out. "I'll go and fetch her. That'll save some time."

    Marian stared at Lucivar. Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. What had she just done? "I should… I…" Jaenelle grabbed one arm, and Merry grabbed the other. "No time for that," Jaenelle said as they dragged Marian through the tavern to the back room.

    "You can clean up in our place," Merry said, tugging Marian up the stairs to the suite of rooms she and Briggs called home. "No need to go back to the eyrie."

    "But…" Marian stammered.

    "I'll dash up to the eyrie," Jaenelle said. "That green dress will look lovely as a wedding dress. And I'll bring the amber necklace Lucivar gave you at Winsol."

    "We'll have to see what we can do for a wedding supper," Merry said to Jaenelle. "And I'll have Briggs nip over to the baker's to see if there's a cake left."

    "I made lots of food today," Marian mumbled.

    "Well, isn't that convenient?" Jaenelle said cheerfully. "I'll bring that, too."


    A hand pressed against her cheek. She looked into Jaenelle's sapphire eyes. Dark, soft power rose up beneath her, flowed through her, washing away the last of that cobwebby feeling…and the doubts along with it.

    "Do you love him?" Jaenelle asked.

    She offered the Queen of Ebon Askavi the truth. "With everything I am." Jaenelle studied her for a moment. Then she smiled and said, "Welcome to the family, little Sister."

    "Come along now," Merry said. "If you're not ready by the time the Priestess arrives, your man will start chewing holes in my bar."

    A tug from Merry and a push from Jaenelle got her headed toward the bedroom where she would prepare for her wedding.

    Lucivar stood in the street, watching as people scurried in and out of shops, shouting suggestions to each other while they prepared a wedding feast.

    Saetan strolled over to join him, a glint of amusement covering vicious anger. "You were right, boyo. She does get feisty when she's riled."

    "She wasn't thinking."

    "Are you going to give her time to reconsider?"

    "Hell's fire, no." Lucivar rubbed the back of his neck. "But where did she get the idea that I was going to go fight jhinkas?" Cobwebby. She'd said something about feeling cobwebby. He knew enough about the Black Widow's Craft…sweet Darkness, he was related to enough of them…that if she'd said anything like that to him this morning, he would have rushed her to the Keep for help.

    He looked into Saetan's eyes and knew what lay beneath the anger.

    "I told your mother that if she interfered again with what was between you and Marian, I would take her to the darkest corner of Hell and leave her there," Saetan said too softly.

    For a moment, he couldn't think, couldn't breathe. No idle threat. Saetan didn't make idle threats.

    "Let it go," Lucivar said. "I don't want blood spilled for my wedding."But I won't forget this, Luthvian. I will not forget.

    Saetan looked away and nodded. When he looked back, he smiled. "Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to get dressed for your wedding?"

    "Am I going to have to wear that fancy outfit I acquired when Jaenelle established the Dark Court?" Lucivar demanded.


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