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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(94) by Anne Bishop
  • Rage flowed through him, a cold, sweet poison.

    Saetan looked at the Ambassador and smiled. "There is one thing you can do."

    "I'm not available to anyone," Saetan said as he brushed past his butler.

    "What if the Dhemlan Queens…"

    "Not to anyone."

    Down, down, down until he came to the corridor deep beneath the Hall that led to his private study. Only Andulvar knew about this study, with the small bedroom and bathroom attached to it. A private place for the times when his Craft demanded such privacy.

    He pressed a spot in the study wall. A piece swung back, revealing another short corridor. After stepping inside, he closed the hidden door, then created a ball of witchlight to provide illumination as he walked down the corridor and entered the workroom. Setting the witchlight in a bowl on the large wooden table, he stripped out of his jacket and tossed it aside.

    The baby kept crying.

    He opened Black-locked cupboards. Took out the tools no other man owned and placed them on the table. When everything was ready, he carefully unrolled a spindle of spider silk and attached the thread to the wooden frame he'd placed in the center of the table.

    The baby kept crying.

    "Hush, little one," Saetan crooned. "Hush. Papa will take care of things. Papa will take care of everything."


    "What do you mean he's not available?" Andulvar growled.

    "We haven't seen him since he returned from seeing the Ambassador yesterday," the butler replied.

    "But he's here?"

    "We think so."

    Andulvar shifted his weight, opened his wings slightly.

    The butler swallowed nervously. "We thought he'd gone to the cellars to select a bottle of wine or some brandy, but when he didn't return, we looked for him."

    And didn't find him. Which means I know where he's gone.

    "When he reappears, tell him I want to speak with him."

    "At once, Prince Yaslana."

    Andulvar walked out of the Hall, cursing himself. He should have taken the boys to Askavi and come back here. Hell's fire, he should have taken them to Ebon Askavi and asked Draca and Geoffrey to look after them for a few days. They'd be safe at the Keep.Nothing could touch them at the Keep.

    He should have come back here. Saetan wasn't stable. Anyone looking at the man could tell he was too close to sliding into the Twisted Kingdom.

    But only a fool would go down to that private study withoutsome idea of what he might find there.

    So I'll give him the day to lick his wounds in private. Then I'll be a fool.

    He spread his wings and prepared to launch himself skyward and catch the Winds to go back to Askavi. Then he hesitated, looked at the drive that became the road into Halaway. He couldn't reach Saetan right now, but there was one other person who could tell him if anything else had happened yesterday.

    He clenched his teeth as the Warlord who owned the inn hurried along the corridor ahead of him.

    "Haven't seenhim since dinner yesterday," the Warlord said. "Sneers at every dish that's put before him, but he tucks into his food well enough. Here it is. This is his room." He rapped on the door, waited a moment, then called in a ring of keys, selected a key, and opened the door.

    Andulvar went in first, all his senses alert to some sound, some motion, a psychic presence that would indicate someone was in the room.

    "Bastard," the Warlord said.

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