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  • Dreams Made Flesh(Black Jewels,Book 5)(99) by Anne Bishop
  • Stupid aristo bitch. He wondered if Saetan had sensed the Coach and realized Hekatah hadn't intended to stay. He wondered if Saetan cared. At least she was gone for a few more days and wouldn't stir things up.

    I can't help you, SaDiablo,Andulvar thought as he let the curtain fall back into place.She shattered the moment when I might have made a difference. But I can give you two reasons to step away from the killing edge… and come all the way back from the Twisted Kingdom.


    As he stared at the charred, broken remains of a tangled web, Saetan felt Andulvar's wary presence as the Eyrien entered the short corridor that led to this hidden workroom.

    "The boys?" he asked when Andulvar stepped into the room.

    "Upstairs in their playroom."

    "The baby kept crying," Saetan said softly, keeping his eyes focused on the web. "Screams of pain. Shrieks of terror. He kept crying. When I made the pain go away, the terror go away… When the reason for those things ceased to exist, he stopped crying." He closed his eyes. He still felt hollowed out, knew he was still too close to the border of the Twisted Kingdom. But he had to ask. "They don't exist, do they? Zuulaman doesn't exist anymore."

    "No," Andulvar said. "They don't exist anymore. Everything they were is gone."

    He felt the weight of what he had done settle on his shoulders and knew he would feel that burden for the rest of his life. He was a strong man. He would carry that weight. But nothing would be the same because of it. He would never be the same because of it.

    He turned and looked at Andulvar, noting how the Eyrien tensed and had to fight to keep from taking a step back.

    "Are you afraid of me, Andulvar?"

    A long pause. "Yes. I'm afraid of you." Another pause. "I'm still your friend. We've been friends too long for it to be otherwise. But what happened to Zuulaman has changed things. I need… some time."

    "I understand." Saetan forced his lips to curve into a smile. "Prince Yaslana."

    Andulvar didn't try to return the smile. "High Lord."

    Saetan listened to Andulvar's retreating footsteps before he turned back to study the web.

    Yes, they'd been friends too long to break completely. Centuries ago, they'd first met in a court, two Red-Jeweled Warlord Princes who came from cultures that had nothing in common. Despite that, or because of it, they had become friends. It wasn't the first time they'd parted on uneasy terms. It wouldn't be the last. But this time, it was different.

    Are you afraid of me, Andulvar?

    Yes. I'm afraid of you.

    "So am I, my friend," Saetan whispered. "So am I."

    Two hours later, after cleaning the workroom, locking away the tools of the Black Widows' Craft, and scrubbing himself while he silently wept, he opened the door to the playroom.


    Mephis and Peyton rushed toward him, then skidded to a stop. His heart broke when they hesitated to come near him.

    Then Mephis said, "You should sit down."

    Since his legs were shaking, that sounded like a good idea. Moving carefully, he made his way to the large stuffed chair near the hearth. As soon as he was settled, Peyton climbed into his lap. Mephis, always more cautious, leaned against the side of the chair, then brushed a hand against his shoulder.

    "Were you sick?" Mephis asked.

    "I… wasn't well," he replied.

    "Was that why Uncle Andulvar took us to stay with him?" Peyton asked.

    Wondering how long it would be before he and Andulvar sat at a table together to talk and argue as they'd done for so many years, he swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. "Yes, that's why."

    "Are you better now?" Mephis asked.

    He reached up and curled his fingers around his son's hand. "Yes, I'm better now."

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