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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(7) by Anne Bishop
  • "Are you mad?" Surreal bit her lip, regretting the word.

    "Perhaps." Daemon fastened his ruby cuff links to his white silk shirt. "I have to find out what happened, Surreal. I have to findher."

    Exasperated, Surreal scraped her fingers through her hair. "You can't leave in the middle of the night. Besides, it's bitter cold out."

    "The middle of the night is the best time, don't you think?" Daemon replied too calmly, shrugging into his black jacket.

    "No, I don't. At least wait until dawn."

    "I'm Hayllian. This is Chaillot. I'd be a bit too conspicuous in daylight." Daemon looked around the empty little room, lifted his shoulders in a dismissive shrug, took a comb from his coat pocket, and pulled it through his thick black hair. When he was done, he slipped his elegant, long-nailed hands into his trouser pockets and raised an eyebrow as if asking, Well?

    Surreal studied the tall, trim but muscular body in its perfectly tailored black suit. Sadi's golden-brown skin was gray-tinged from exhaustion, his face looked haggard, and the skin around his golden eyes was puffy. But even now he was still more beautiful than a man had a right to be.

    "You look like shit," she snapped.

    Daemon flinched, as if her anger had cut him. Then he tried to smile. "Don't try to turn my head with compliments, Surreal."

    Surreal clenched her hands. The only thing to throw at him was the tray with the tea and sandwiches on it. Seeing the clean cup and the untouched food ignited her temper. "You fool, you didn't eat anything!"

    "Lower your voice unless you want everyone to know I'm here."

    Surreal paced back and forth, snarling every curse she could remember.

    "Don't cry, Surreal."

    His arms were around her, and beneath her cheek was cool silk.

    "I'm not crying," she snapped, gulping back a sob.

    She felt rather than heard his chuckle. "My mistake." His lips brushed her hair before he stepped away from her.

    Surreal sniffed loudly, wiped her eyes on her sleeve, and pushed her hair from her face. "You're not strong enough yet. Daemon."

    "I'm not going to get any better until I find her," Daemon said quietly.

    "Do you know how to open the Gates?" she asked. Those thirteen places of power linked the Realms of Terreille, Kaeleer, and Hell.

    "No. But I'll find someone who does know." Daemon took a deep breath. "Listen, Surreal, and listen well. There are very few people in the entire Realm of Terreille who can connect you in any way with me. I've made the effort to make sure of that. So unless you stand on the roof and announce it, no one in Beldon Mor will have a reason to look in your direction. Keep your head down. Keep a rein on that temper of yours. You've done more than enough. Don't get yourself in any deeper—because I won't be around to help you out of it."

    Surreal swallowed hard. "Daemon . . . you've been declared rogue. There's a price on your head."

    "Not unexpected after I broke the Ring of Obedience."

    Surreal hesitated. "Are you sure Cassandra took Jaenelle to one of the other Realms?"

    "Yes, I'm sure of that much." he said softly, bleakly.

    "So you're going to find a Priestess who knows how to open the Gates and follow them."

    "Yes. But I have one stop to make first."

    "This isn't a good time for social calls," Surreal said tartly.

    "This isn't exactly a social call. Dorothea can't use you against me because she doesn't know about you. But she knows about him, and she's used him before. I'm not going to give her the chance. Besides, for all his arrogance and temper, he's a damn good Warlord Prince."

    Weary, Surreal leaned against the wall. "What are you going to do?"

    Daemon hesitated. "I'm going to get Lucivar out of Pruul."

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