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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(104) by Anne Bishop
  • He would lose them, too. They'd have no reason to visit, no reason to talk with him once Jaenelle was gone.

    Tears pricked his eyes. Grief squeezed his throat.

    "Uncle Saetan?" Gabrielle asked, searching his face.

    Saetan cringed.

    "What happened?" Morghann demanded. "Where's Jaenelle?"

    Andulvar finally answered. "The Dark Council is going to choose another guardian. Jaenelle's not coming back."

    "what?"they yelled in unison.

    Their voices pummeled him, questioning, demanding. He was going to lose all of these children who had crept into his heart over the past few weeks, whom he'd foolishly allowed himself to love.

    Karla raised her hand. The room was instantly silent. Gabrielle moved forward until the two girls stood shoulder to shoulder.

    "The Council appointed another guardian," Karla said, spacing out the words as she narrowed her eyes.

    "Yes," Saetan whispered. His legs were going to buckle. He had to get away from them before his legs buckled.

    "They must be mad," Gabrielle said. "What did Jaenelle say?"

    Saetan forced himself to focus on Karla and Gabrielle. It would be the last time he would ever see them. But he couldn't answer them, couldn't get the damning words out.

    Andulvar guided Saetan to a couch and pushed him down. "She said they could appoint a new guardian in the morning."

    "Were those her exact words?" Gabrielle asked sharply.

    "What difference does it make?" Andulvar snarled. "She made the decision to walk away from—"

    "Damn your wings, you son of a whoring bitch," Karla screamed at him."What did she say?"

    "Stop it!" Saetan shouted. He couldn't stand having them argue, having the last hour with them tainted by anger. "She said—" His voice cracked. He clamped his hands between his knees, but it didn't stop them from shaking. "She said when the sun next rose they could appoint another guardian unless they reconsidered their decision by then."

    The mood in the room changed to a little uneasiness blended with strong approval and calm acceptance. Puzzled, Saetan watched them.

    Karla plopped down on the couch beside him and wrapped her arms around one of his. "In that case, we'll all stay right here and wait with you."

    "Thank you, but I'd rather be alone." Saetan tried "to rise, but Chaosti's stare unnerved him so badly he couldn't find his legs.

    "No, you wouldn't," Gabrielle said, squeezing past Andulvar so that she could settle on the other side of him.

    "I want to be alone right now," Saetan said, trying, but failing, to get that soft thunder into his voice.

    Chaosti, Khary, and Aaron formed a wall in front of him, flanked by the other young males. Morghann and the rest of the coven circled the couch, trapping him.

    "We're not going to let you do something stupid, Uncle Saetan," Karla said gently. Her wicked smile bloomed. "At least wait until the sun next rises. You're not going to want to miss it."

    Saetan stared at her. She knew what he intended to do. Defeated, he closed his eyes. Today, tomorrow, what difference did it make? But not while they were still here. He wouldn't do that to them.

    Satisfied, Karla and Gabrielle snuggled close to him while the other girls drifted toward the other couches.

    Khary rubbed his hands together. "Why don't I see if Mrs. Beale is willing to brew up some tea?"

    "Sandwiches would be good, too," Aaron said enthusiastically. "And some spiced tarts, if we didn't finish them. I'll go with you."

    "SaDiablo?" Andulvar said on an Ebon-gray spear thread.

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