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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(113) by Anne Bishop
  • The words leaped playfully over the island, slicing him deeper and deeper with each pass.

    Pain deepening anguish deepening agony deepening pain until there was no pain at all.

    Or, perhaps, no one left to feel it.

    3 / Terreille

    Surreal stared at the dirty, trembling wreck that had once been the most dangerous, beautiful man in the Realm. Before he could shy away, she pulled him into the flat, threw every physical bolt on the door, and then Gray-locked it for good measure. After a moment's thought, she put a Gray shield on all the windows to lessen the chance of a severed artery or a five-story uncontrolled dive.

    Then she took a good look at him and wondered if a severed artery would be such a bad thing. He'd been mad the last time she'd seen him. Now he looked as if he'd been sliced open and scooped out as well.

    "Daemon?" She walked toward him, slowly.

    He shook, unable to control it. His bruised-looking eyes, empty of everything but pain, filled with tears. "He's dead."

    Surreal sat on the couch and tugged on his arm until he sat beside her. "Who's dead?" Who would matter enough to produce this reaction?

    "Lucivar. Lucivar'sdead!" He buried his head in her lap and wept like a heartsick child.

    Surreal patted Daemon's greasy, tangled hair, unable to think of one consoling thing to say. Lucivar had been important to Daemon. His death mattered to Daemon. But even thinking of expressing sympathy made her want to gag. As far as she was concerned, Lucivar was also responsible for some of the soul wounds that had pushed Daemon over the edge, and now the bastard's death might be the fatal slice.

    When the sobs diminished to quiet sniffles, she called in a handkerchief and stuffed it into his hand. She'd do a lot of things for Sadi, but she'd be damned if she'd blow his nose for him.

    Finally cried out, he sat next to her, saying nothing. She sat quietly and stared at the windows.

    This backwater street was safe enough. She'd returned several times since Daemon's last visit, staying longer and longer each time. It felt comfortable here. She and Wyman, the Warlord Daemon had healed, had developed a casual friendship that kept loneliness at bay. Here, with someone looking after him, maybe Daemon could heal a little.

    "Daemon? Would you stay here with me for a while?" Watching him, she couldn't tell what he was thinking, evenif he was thinking.

    Eventually, he said, "If you want."

    She thought she saw a faint flicker of understanding. "You promise to stay?" she pressed. "You promise not to leave without telling me?"

    The nicker died. "There's nowhere else to go."

    4 / Kaeleer

    A light breeze. Sunlight warming his hand. Birdsong. Firm comfort under him. Soft cotton over him.

    Lucivar slowly opened his eyes and stared at the white ceiling and the smooth, exposed beams. Where . . . ?

    Out of habit, he immediately looked for ways out of the room. Two windows covered by white curtains embroidered with morning glories. A door on the wall opposite the bed he was lying on.

    Then he noticed the rest of the room. The pine bedside table and dresser. The piece of driftwood turned into a lamp. A cabinet, its top bare except for a simple brass stand for holding music crystals. An open workbasket stuffed with skeins of yarn and floss. A large, worn, forest-green chair and matching hassock. A needlework frame covered with white material. An overstuffed bookcase. Braided, earth-tone rugs. Two framed charcoal sketches—head views of a unicorn and a wolf.

    Lucivar's lip curled automatically when he caught the feminine psychic scent that saturated the walls and wood.

    Then he frowned. For some reason, that psychic scent didn't repulse him.

    He looked around the room again, confused. This was Hell?

    A door opened in the room beyond. He heard a woman's voice say, "All right, go look, but don't wake him."

    He closed his eyes. The door opened. Nails clicked on the wood floor. Something snuffled his shoulder. He kept his muscles relaxed, feigning sleep while his senses strained to identify the thing.

    Fur against his bare skin. A cold, wet nose sniffing his ear.

    Then a snort that made him twitch, followed by satisfied silence.

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