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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(12) by Anne Bishop
  • "And each day will hone his temper a little more," Hekatah said in that girlish voice that always seemed at odds with her vicious nature.


    Hekatah sighed like a sated woman. "That's good."

    "Good?" Dorothea exploded from the chair. "You don't know him!"

    "But I do know his father."

    Dorothea shuddered.

    Hekatah set the empty goblet on the table. "Calm yourself, Sister. I'm weaving a delicious web for Daemon Sadi, a web he won't escape from because he won't want to escape."

    Dorothea went back to her chair. "Then he can be Ringed again."

    Hekatah laughed softly, maliciously. "Oh, no, he'd be useless to us Ringed. But don't worry. He'll be hunting bigger prey than you." She wagged a finger at Dorothea. "I've been very busy on your behalf."

    Dorothea pressed her lips together, refusing to take the bait.

    Hekatah waited a minute. "He'll be going after the High Lord."

    Dorothea stared. "Why?"

    "To avenge the girl."

    "But Greer is the one who destroyed her!"

    "Sadi doesn't know that," Hekatah said. "By the time I'm done telling him the sad tale ofwhy this happened to the girl, the only thing he'll want to do is tear out Saetan's heart. Naturally the High Lord will protest such action."

    Dorothea sat back. It had been months since she'd felt this good. "What do you need from me?"

    "A troop of guards to help me spring a trap."

    "Then I'd better choose males who are expendable."

    "Don't concern yourself about the guards. Sadi won't be any threat to them." Hekatah stood up, an unspoken dismissal.

    When they were outside, Hekatah said coolly, "You've said nothing about my gift, Sister."

    "Your gift?"

    "The boy. I'd thought to keep him for myself, but you were entitled to some compensation for losing Greer. He's a most attentive servant."

    "You know what to do?" Hekatah said, handing two vials to Greer.

    "Yes, Priestess. But are you sure he'll go there?"

    Hekatah caressed Greer's cheek. "For whatever reason, Sadi has gone to every Dark Altar, working his way east. He'll go there. It's the only Gate left before the one located near the ruins of SaDiablo Hall." She tapped her fingers against her lips and frowned. "The old Priestess there may be a problem. However, her assistant is a practical girl—a trait one finds in abundance among the less-gifted Blood. You'll be able to deal with her." -

    "And the old Priestess?"

    Hekatah shrugged delicately. "A meal shouldn't be wasted."

    Greer smiled, bowed over the hand she held out to him, and left.

    Humming, Hekatah performed the first movements of a court dance. For seven months Daemon Sadi had slipped through her traps, and his retaliation every time he was driven away from a Gate had made even her most loyal servants in the Dark Realm afraid to strike at him. For seven months she had failed. But so had he.

    There were very few Priestesses left in Terreille who knew how to open the Gates. Those who hadn't gone into hiding after her first warning had been eliminated.

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