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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(135) by Anne Bishop
  • Saetan flicked a glance at Andulvar, warning him to keep still. He'd caught the scent of feminine anger. He'd caught Lucivar's tightly focused awareness of Jaenelle and her rising temper—a temper Lucivar was able to provoke with frightening ease.

    With each dish offered in the second course, Lucivar selected food for her, pricked at her, scraped away her self-control.

    "Liver?" Lucivar asked.

    "Only if it's yours," she snapped, her eyes glittering queerly.

    Lucivar smiled slightly.

    By the end of the second course, Jaenelle was an explosion waiting for a spark, and Saetan couldn't understand the point of taunting her.

    Until the meat course.

    Lucivar slipped a small piece of prime rib onto her plate and then stacked two large pieces on his own.

    Jaenelle stared at the tender, pink-centered meat for a long moment. Then she picked up her knife and fork and began to eat with single-minded intensity. When the meat was gone, she turned to her right and looked at Karla's plate.

    Karla's face paled to a ghastly white.

    When Jaenelle turned to her left and Saetan got a good look at her eyes, he realized that Lucivar had turned the meal into a violent, brilliantly choreographed dance designed to bring the predatory side of Witch to the surface.

    Finally her attention fixed on Lucivar's plate. Snarling softly, she licked her lips and raised her fork.

    Keeping his movements slow and deliberate, Lucivar transferred the second piece of prime rib from his plate to hers.

    She stabbed the meat with her fork and bared her teeth at him.

    Lucivar withdrew his utensils and hands and calmly resumed his meal while Jaenelle devoured the meat.

    By the time they reached the fruit and cheese course, Jaenelle's attention was entirely focused on Lucivar and his offerings of food. When he held up the last grape, she stared at it for a moment, then wrinkled her nose and sat back with a contented sigh.

    And the woman-child Saetan knew and loved returned.

    For the first time since the meal began, Lucivar looked at the other men sitting at the table, and Saetan felt keen sympathy for this son with the battle-weary look in his golden eyes.

    After the coffee was served, Lucivar took a deep breath and turned to Jaenelle. "By the way, you owe me a piece of jewelry."

    "What jewelry?" Jaenelle asked, baffled.

    "Kaeleer's equivalent to the Ring of Obedience."

    She choked on her coffee.

    Lucivar thumped her back until she gave him a teary-eyed glare. He smiled at her. "Will you tell them, or shall I?"

    Jaenelle looked at the men who made up her family. She hunched her shoulders, and said in a small voice, "In order to fill the immigration requirement, Lucivar's going to serve me for the next five years."

    This time Saetan choked.

    "And?" Lucivar prodded.

    "I'll come up with something," Jaenelle said testily. "Although why you want to wear one of those Rings is beyond me."

    "I did a little checking while you were gone. Males have to wear a Restraining Ring as part of the immigration requirements."

    Jaenelle let out an exasperated snort. "Lucivar, who's going to be foolish enough to ask you to prove you're wearing one?"

    "That Ring is physical proof that I serve you, and I want it."

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