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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(136) by Anne Bishop
  • Jaenelle gave Saetan one fleeting, pleading look—which he ignored. "All right. I'll come up with something," she growled, pushing her chair back. "Karla and I are going to take a walk."

    Karla, gathering her wits faster than the men could, moaned to her feet and shuffled after Jaenelle.

    Andulvar, Prothvar, and Mephis swiftly found excuses to leave.

    Alter the brandy and yarbarah were brought to the table, Saetan dismissed the footmen, grimly amused by their strained eagerness to return to the servants' hall. His staff didn't gossip to outsiders—Beale and Helene saw to that— but only a fool would think they didn't talk among themselves. Lucivar's arrival had caused quite a stir. Lucivar in service to their Lady ...

    If tonight was a sample of what to expect, it was going to be an interesting—and long—five years.

    "You play an intriguing game," Saetan said quietly as he warmed a glass of yarbarah. "And a dangerous one."

    Lucivar shrugged. "Not so dangerous, as long as I don't push her past surface temper."

    Saetan studied Lucivar's carefully neutral expression. "But do you understand who, and what, lies beneath that surface temper?"

    Lucivar smiled tiredly. "I know who she is." He sipped his brandy. "You don't approve of my serving her, do you?"

    Saetan rolled his glass between his hands. "You've been able to do more in three months to improve her physical and emotional health than I've been able to do in two years. That galls a little."

    "You laid a stronger foundation than you realize." Lucivar grinned. "Besides, a father's supposed to be strong, supportive, and protective. Older brothers, on the other hand, are naturally a pain in the ass and are inclined to be overprotective bullies."

    Saetan smiled. "You're an overprotective bully?"

    "So I'm told frequently and with great vigor."

    Saetan's smiled faded. "Be careful, Lucivar. She has some deep emotional scars you're not aware of."

    "I know about the rape—and about Briarwood. When she's pushed too hard, she talks in her sleep." Lucivar refilled his glass and met Saetan's cool stare. "I slept with her. I didn't mount her."

    Slept with her. Saetan kept a tight rein on his temper while he sifted through the implications of that statement and weighed it against the amount of physical contact Jaenelle allowed Lucivar without retreating into that chilling emotional blankness that always scared the rest of them. "She didn't object?" he asked carefully.

    Lucivar snorted. "Of course she objected. What woman wouldn't after being hurt that badly? But she objected more to having her patient sleeping in front of the hearth, and I objected just as strongly to having the Healer who saved my life sleeping in front of the hearth. So we reached an agreement. I didn't complain about the way she hogged the pillows, tangled the covers, sprawled over more than

    her share of the bed, made those cute little noises that we don't call snoring no matter what it sounds like, and growled at everything and everyone until she had her first cup of coffee. And she didn't complain about the way I hogged the pillows, tangled the covers, sprawled over more than my share of the bed, made funny noises that woke her up and stopped the minute she was awake, and tended to be overly cheerful in the morning. And we both agreed that neither of us wanted the other for sex."

    Which, for Jaenelle, would have made the difference.

    "Do you pay much attention to who immigrates to Kaeleer?" Lucivar asked suddenly.

    "Not much," Saetan replied cautiously.

    Lucivar studied his brandy. "You wouldn't know if a Hayllian named Greer came in, would you?"

    The question chilled him. "Greer is dead."

    Lucivar fixed his eyes on the dining room wall. "Being the High Lord of Hell, you could arrange a meeting, couldn't you?"

    Why was Lucivar straining to breathe evenly?

    "Greer isdead, not just a citizen of the Dark Realm."

    Lucivar's jaw tightened. "Damn."

    Saetan clenched his teeth. Sweet Darkness, how was Lucivar involved with Greer? "Why are you so interested in him?"

    Lucivar's hands curled into tight fists. "He was the bastard who raped Jaenelle."

    Saetan's temper exploded. The dining room windows shattered. Zigzag cracks raced across the ceiling. Swearing viciously, he rechanneled the power to strike the drive out front, turning the gravel into powder.

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