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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(137) by Anne Bishop
  • Greer. Another link between Hekatah and Dorothea.

    Saetan sank his nails into the table, tearing through the wood again and again, an unsatisfying exercise since he wantedflesh beneath his nails.

    The training was too deeply ingrained in him. Damn the Darkness, it was too deeply ingrained. He couldn't kill a witch in cold blood. And if he was going to break the code of honor he'd lived by all his life, he should have done it more than five years ago when it might have made a differ-

    ence, might have saved Jaenelle. Not now, when she already bore the scars. Not now, when it wouldn't change anything.

    Hands clamped on his wrists. Tightened. Tightened some more.

    "High Lord."

    He should have torn that bastard apart the first time Greer asked about Jaenelle. Should have shredded his mind. What waswrong with him? Had he become too tame, too docile? What was he doing, trying to appease those puny fools in the Dark Council when they were doing something that hurt his daughter, his Queen?

    "High Lord."

    And who was this fool who dared lay hands on the Prince of the Darkness, the High Lord of Hell? No more.No more.


    Saetan gulped air, fought to clear his head. Lucivar. Lucivar was pinning his arms to the table.

    Someone pounded on the door. "Saetan! Lucivar!"

    Jaenelle. Sweet Darkness, not Jaenelle. He couldn't see her now.


    "Please," he whispered. "Don't let her—"

    The door shattered.

    "Get out, Cat," Lucivar snapped.



    Andulvar's voice. "Go upstairs, waif. We'll take care of this."

    Voices arguing, fading.

    "Yarbarah?" Lucivar asked after a long, tense silence.

    Saetan shuddered, shook his head. Until he was settled, if he tasted blood, he would want it hot from the vein. "Brandy."

    Lucivar pressed a glass into his hand.

    Saetan gulped the brandy. "You should have gotten out of here."

    Lucivar raised his glass with an unsteady hand and offered a wobbly grin. "I've had some experience tangling

    with the Black. All in all, you're not too bad. Daemon always scared the shit out of me when he turned savage." He drained his glass and refilled both of them. "I hope you didn't redecorate in here recently. You're going to have to do it again, but it doesn't look like the room's going to fall in on us."

    "The girls didn't like the wallpaper anyway." Ten good reasons to hold his temper. Ten good reasons to unleash it. And always, always, for Blood males like him, the fine line he had to walk to hold on to the balance between two conflicting instincts. "The Harpies executed Greer," he said abruptly. "They have a distinct sensibility when it comes to that sort of thing."

    Lucivar nodded.

    Steady. He would need to be steady for the days ahead. "Lucivar, see if you can persuade Jaenelle to show you Sceval. You should meet Kaetien and the other unicorns."

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