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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(139) by Anne Bishop
  • "Daemon, trust me. I can help you."

    Blood. So much blood. A sea of it. He would drown in it. Because he'd trusted that voice once and he'd done something . . . he'd done . . .

    "liar!"he screamed. Til never trust you!"

    "Daemon." An anguished plea.


    The hand began to fade.

    Fear swamped him. He didn't want to be alone in this sea of blood with the words circling, waiting to slice into him again and again. He wanted to grab the hand and hold tight, wanted whatever lies might ease this pain for a little while.

    But he owed someone this pain because he'd done something . . .

    Butchering whore.

    That voice, that hand had tricked him into hurting someone. But, sweet Darkness, how he wanted to trust, wanted to hold on.

    "Daemon." A whisper of sound.

    The hand faded, withdrew.

    He waited.

    The words circled and circled. The island crumbled a little more.

    He waited. The hand didn't return.

    He pressed himself against the pulpy ground and wept in relief.

    Saetan sank to his knees. The threads of the tangled web were blackened, crumbling. He caught his ring as it fell from the center of the web and slipped it on his finger.

    So close. A hand span at most. A moment of trust. That's all it would have taken to begin the journey out of that pain and madness.

    That's all it would have taken.

    Stretching out on the cold stone floor, Saetan pillowed his head on his arms and wept bitterly.

    3 / Kaeleer

    Saetan looked at Lucivar and shook his head.

    "Well," Lucivar said, his voice tight, "you tried." After a minute he added, "You're wanted in the kitchen."

    "In the kitchen? Why?" Saetan asked as Lucivar herded him toward Mrs. Beale's undisputed territory.

    Lucivar smiled and dropped a friendly hand on Saetan's shoulder.

    The gesture filled him with foreboding. "How was your trip?"

    "Traveling with Cat is an experience."

    "Do I really want to know about this?"

    "No," Lucivar said cheerfully, "but you're going to anyway."

    Jaenelle sat cross-legged on the kitchen floor. A brown-and-white Sceltie puppy tumbled about in front of her. Her lap was full of a large, white . . . kitten?

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