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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(143) by Anne Bishop
  • "Daemon." Jaenelle shuddered. "The gold key."

    "I have to find him." Tersa's voice rang with frustration and fear. "If the pain doesn't end soon, it will destroy him."

    Jaenelle gave no sign of having heard or understood the words. "Daemon," she whispered. "How could I have forgotten Daemon?"

    "I must go back to Terreille. I must find him."

    "No," Jaenelle said in her midnight voice."I'll find him."

    Tersa stopped her restless movements. "Yes," she said slowly, as if trying hard to remember something. "He would trust you. He would follow you out of the Twisted Kingdom."

    Jaenelle closed her eyes.

    Still holding Sylvia, Lucivar braced himself against the wall. Hell's fire, why was the room slowly spinning?

    When Jaenelle opened her eyes, Lucivar stared, unable to look away. He'd never seen her eyes look like that. He hoped he'd never again see her eyes look like that. Jaenelle swept out of the room.

    Leaving Sylvia to manage on her own, Lucivar raced after Jaenelle, who was striding toward the landing web at the edge of the village.

    "Cat, the Hall's in the other direction."

    When she didn't answer him, he tried to grab her arm. The shield around her was so cold it burned his hand.

    She passed the landing web and kept walking. He fell into step beside her, not sure what to say—not sure what hedared say.

    "Stubborn, snarly male," she muttered as tears filled her eyes. "Itold you the chalice needed time to heal. Itold you to go someplace safe. Why didn't you listen to me? Couldn't you obey justonce!' She stopped walking.

    Lucivar watched her grief slowly transform into rage as she turned in the direction of the Hall.

    "Saetan," she said in a malevolent whisper. "You were there that night. You . . ."

    Lucivar didn't try to keep up with her when she ran back to the Hall. Instead, he sent a warning to Beale on a Red spear thread. Beale, in turn, informed him that the High Lord had just arrived.

    He hoped his father was prepared for this fight.

    3 / Kaeleer

    He felt her coming.

    Too nervous to sit, Saetan leaned against the front of his blackwood desk, his hands locked on the surface in a vise grip.

    He'd had two years to prepare for this, had spent countless hours trying to find the right phrases to explain the brutality that had almost destroyed her. But, somehow, he had never found the right time to tell her. Even after last night, when he realized the memories were trying to surface, he had delayed talking to her.

    Now the time had come. And he still wasn't prepared.

    He'd arrived home to find Beale fretting in the great hall, waiting to convey Lucivar's warning: "She remembers Daemon—and she's furious."

    He felt her enter the Hall and hoped he could now find a way to help her face those memories in the daylight instead of in her dreams.

    His study door blew off the hinges and shattered when it hit the opposite wall. Dark power ripped through the room, breaking the tables and tearing the couch and chairs apart.

    Fear hammered at him. But he also noted that she didn't harm the irreplaceable paintings and sculpture.

    Then she stepped into the room, and nothing could have prepared him for the cold rage focused directly at him.

    "Damn you." Her midnight voice sounded calm. It sounded deadly.

    She meant it. If the malevolence and loathing in her eyes was any indication of the depth of her rage, then he was truly damned.

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