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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(144) by Anne Bishop
  • "You heartless bastard."

    His mind chattered frantically. He couldn't make a sound. He desperately hoped that her feelings for him would balance her fury—and knew they wouldn't, not with Daemon added to the balance.

    She walked toward him, flexing her fingers, drawing part of his attention to the dagger-sharp nails he now had reason to fear.

    "You used him. He was a friend, andyou used him."

    Saetan gritted his teeth. "There was no choice."

    "Therewas a choice." She slashed open the chair in front of his desk."there was a choice!"

    His rising temper pushed the fear aside. "To lose you," he said roughly. "To stand back and let your body die and loseyou. 1 didn't consider that a choice, Lady. Neither did Daemon."

    "You wouldn't have lost me if the body had died. I

    would have eventually put the crystal chalice back together and—"

    "You're Witch, and Witch doesn't becomecildru dyathe. Wewould have lost you. Every part of you. He knew that."

    That stopped her for a moment.

    "I gave him all the strength I had. He went too deep into the abyss trying to reach you. When I tried to draw him back up, he fought me and the link between us snapped."

    "He shattered his crystal chalice," Jaenelle said in a hollow voice. "He shattered his mind. I put it back together, but it was so terribly fragile. When he rose out of the abyss, anything could have damaged him. A harsh word would have been enough at that point."

    "I know," Saetan said cautiously. "I felt him."

    The cold rage filled her eyes again. "But you left him there, didn't you, Saetan?" she said too softly. "Briarwood's uncles had arrived at the Altar, and you left a defenseless man to face them."

    "He was supposed to go through the Gate," Saetan replied hotly. "I don't know why he didn't."

    "Of course you know." Her voice became a sepulchral croon. "We both know. If a timing spell wasn't put on the candles to snuff them out and close the Gate, then someone had to stay behind to close it. Naturally it was the Warlord Prince who was expected to stay."

    "He may have had other reasons to stay," Saetan said carefully.

    "Perhaps," she replied with equal care. "But that doesn't explain why he's in the Twisted Kingdom, does it, High Lord?" She took a step closer to him. "That doesn't explain why you left him there."

    "I didn't know he was in the Twisted Kingdom until—" Saetan clamped his teeth to hold the words back.

    "Until Lucivar came to Kaeleer," Jaenelle finished for him. She waved a hand dismissively before he could speak. "Lucivar was in the salt mines of Pruul. I know there was nothing he could do. But you."

    Saetan spaced out the words. "Getting you back was the

    first requirement. I gave my strength to that task. Daemon would have understood that, would have demanded it."

    "I came back two years ago, and there's nothing draining your strength now." Pain and betrayal filled her eyes. "But you didn't even try to reach him, did you?"

    "Yes, I tried!damn you, Itried!" He sagged against the desk. "Stop acting like a petty little bitch. He may be your friend, but he's also myson. Do you really think I wouldn't try to help him?" The bitter failure filled him again. "I was so close, witch-child. So close. But he was just out of reach. And he didn't trust me. If he would have tried a little, I would have had him. I could have shown him the way out of the Twisted Kingdom. But he didn't trust me."

    The silence stretched.

    "I'm going to get him back," Jaenelle said quietly.

    Saetan straightened up. "You can't go back to Terreille."

    "Don't tell me what I can or can't do," Jaenelle snarled.

    "Listen to me, Jaenelle," he said urgently. "You can't go back to Terreille. As soon as she realized you were there, Dorothea would do everything she could to contain you or destroy you. And you're still not of age. Your Chaillot relatives could try to regain custody."

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