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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(145) by Anne Bishop
  • "I'll take that chance. I'm not leaving him to suffer." She turned to leave the room.

    Saetan took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Since I'm his father, I can reach him without needing physical contact."

    "But he doesn't trust you."

    "I can help you, Jaenelle."

    She turned back to look at him, and he saw a stranger.

    "I don't want your help, High Lord," she said quietly.

    Then she walked away from him, and he knew she was doing a great deal more than simply walking out of a room.

    Everything has a price.

    Lucivar found her in the gardens a couple of hours later" sitting on a stone bench with her hands pressed between her knees hard enough to bruise. Straddling the bench, he

    sat as close as he could without touching her. "Cat?" he said softly, afraid that even sound would shatter her. "Talk to me. Please."

    "I_" She shuddered.

    "You remember."

    "I remember." She let out a laugh full of knife-sharp edges. "I remember all of it. Marjane, Dannie, Rose. Briarwood. Greer. All of it." She glanced at him. "You've known about Briarwood. And Greer."

    Lucivar brushed a lock of hair away from his face. Maybe he should get it cut short, the way Eyrien warriors usually wore it. "Sometimes when you have bad dreams you talk in your sleep."

    "So you've both known. And said nothing."

    "What could we have said, Cat?" Lucivar asked slowly. "If we had forced someone else to remember something that emotionally scarring, you would have thrown a fit—as well as a few pieces of furniture."

    Jaenelle's lips curved in a ghost of a smile. "True." Her smile faded. "Do you know the worst thing about it? I forgot him. Daemon was a friend, and I forgot him. That Winsol, before I was ... he gave me a silver bracelet. I don't know what happened to it. I had a picture of him. I don't know what happened to that either. And then he gave everything he had to help me, and when it was done, everyone walked away from him as if he didn't matter."

    "If you had remembered the rape when you first came back, would you have stayed? Or would you have fled from your body again?"

    "I don't know."

    "Then if forgetting Daemon was the price that had to be paid in order to keep those memories at bay until you were strong enough to face them. ... He would say it was a fair price."

    "It's very easy to make statements about what Daemon would say since he's not here to deny them, isn't it?" Tears filled her eyes.

    "You're forgetting something, little witch," Lucivar said sharply. "He's my brother, and he's a Warlord Prince. I've known him longer and far better than you."

    Jaenelle shifted on the bench. "I don't blame you for what happened to him. The High Lord—"

    "If you're going to demand that the High Lord shoulder the blame for Daemon being in the Twisted Kingdom, then you're going to have to shovel some of that blame onto me as well."

    She twisted around to face him, her eyes chilly.

    Lucivar took a deep breath. "He came to get me out of Pruul. He wanted me to go with him. And I refused to go because I thought he had killed you, that he was the one who had raped you."


    Lucivar swore viciously. "Sometimes you can be incredibly naive. You have no idea what Daemon is capable of doing when he goes cold."

    "You really believed that?"

    He braced bis head in his hands. "There was so much blood, so much pain. I couldn't get past the grief to think clearly enough to doubt what I'd been told. And when I accused him, he didn't deny it."

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