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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(149) by Anne Bishop
  • Settling into a chair, Surreal sipped the brew and felt the pain in her abdomen gradually dull. "How did you find me?" she asked.

    For the first time, there was amusement in Jaenelle's smile. "Well, sugar, since you're the only Gray Jewel in the entire Realm of Terreille, you're not that hard to find."

    "I didn't know someone could be traced that way."

    "Whoever is hunting you can't use that method. It’ requires wearing a Jewel equal or darker than yours."

    "Why did you find me?" Surreal asked quietly.

    "I need your help. I want to find Daemon."

    Surreal stared at the cup. "Whatever he did at Cassandra's Altar that night was done to help you. Hasn't he suffered enough?"

    "Too much."

    There was sorrow and regret in Jaenelle's voice. The eyes would have told her more. "Do you have to wear those damn dark glasses?" Surreal asked sharply.

    Jaenelle hesitated. "You might find my eyes disturbing."

    "I'll take the chance."

    Jaenelle raised the glasses.

    Those eyes belonged to someone who had experienced the most twisted nightmares of the soul and had survived.

    Surreal swallowed hard. "I see what you mean."

    Jaenelle replaced the glasses. "I can bring him out of the Twisted Kingdom, but I need to make the link through his body."

    If only Jaenelle had come a few months ago.

    "I don't know where he is," Surreal said.

    "But you can look for him. I can stay in this form only three days out of the month. He's running out of time, Surreal. If he isn't shown the road back soon, there won't be anything left of him."

    Surreal closed her eyes.Shit.

    Jaenelle poured the rest of the brew into Surreal's cup. "Even a Gray-Jeweled witch's moontime shouldn't give her this much pain."

    Surreal shifted. Winced. "I suppressed last month's time." She wrapped her hands around the cup. "Daemon lived with me for a little while. Until a few months ago."

    "What happened a few months ago?"

    "Kartane SaDiablo happened," Surreal said viciously. Then she smiled. "Your spell or web or whatever it was you spun around Briarwood's uncles did a good job on him. You wouldn't even recognize the bastard." She paused. "Robert Benedict is dead, by the way."

    "How unfortunate," Jaenelle murmured, her voice dripping yenom. "And dear Dr. Carvay?"

    "Alive, more or less. Not for much longer from what I've heard."

    "Tell me about Kartane . . . and Daemon."

    "Last spring, Daemon showed up at the flat where I was living. Our paths have crossed a few times since—" Surreal faltered.

    "Since the night at Cassandra's Altar."

    "Yes. He's like Tersa used to be. Show up, stay a couple of days, and vanish again. This time he stayed. Then Kartane showed up." Surreal drained her cup. "Apparently he's been hunting for Daemon for some time, but, unlike Dorothea, he seems to have a better idea of where to look. He started demanding that Daemon help him get free of this terrible spell someone had put on him. As if he'd never done anything to deserve it. When it became apparent that Daemon was lost in the Twisted Kingdom and, therefore, useless, Kartane looked at me—and noticed my ears. At the same moment he realized I was Titian's child—and his—Daemon exploded and threw him out.

    "I guess he figured that bringing Sadi to Dorothea wouldn't buy him enough help, but bringing Dorothea his only possible offspring would be a solid bargaining chip. And a female offspring who could continue the bloodline would provide strong incentive—even if she was a half-breed.

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