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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(152) by Anne Bishop
  • Preoccupied with the nagging uneasiness, he didn't move when Roxie entered the kitchen, didn't really notice the light in her eyes or the way her walk changed as she came toward him.

    He'd spent the past two days doing chores for Luthvian while dodging Roxie's amorous advances. Two days was about all he and Luthvian could manage together, and they only managed that because she was busy with her students most of the day, and he left right after dinner to spend the night in a mountain clearing.

    "You're so strong," Roxie said, running her hands over his chest.

    Not again. Not again.

    Normally he wouldn't have allowed a woman to touch him like that. Normally he would have considered that tone of voice an invitation to an intimate introduction to his fist.

    So why was he afraid? Why were his nerves buzzing?

    Sever it this time. Break the link for good. No. Can't. Won't be able to reach him if. . .

    Roxie's arms wound around Lucivar's neck. She rubbed her br**sts against his chest. "I haven't had a Warlord Prince yet."

    Where was the fear coming from?

    You can't have this body. This body is promised to him.

    Roxie pressed against him. She playfully nipped his neck. He set his hands on her hips, holding her still while he concentrated on finding the source of that wasp-angry buzzing.

    No. Not again.

    It was coming from the Ring of Honor Jaenelle had given him. The buzzing, the fear, the cold rage building under the fear. Those weren't his feelings washing through him, but hers.

    Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. Hers.

    "I see you've changed your tune," Luthvian said tartly as she entered the kitchen.

    Cold, cold rage. If it wasn't banked quickly . . .

    "I have to go," Lucivar said absently. He felt the pull of arms around his neck and automatically shoved the body away from him.

    Luthvian started swearing.

    Ignoring her, he turned toward the door and wondered for a moment why Roxie was lying in a heap on the kitchen floor.

    "You have to service me!" Roxie shouted, pushing herself into a sitting position. "You got me aroused. You have to service me."

    Spinning around, Lucivar snapped a leg off a kitchen chair and tossed it into Roxie's lap. "Use that." He headed out the door.

    I won't allow this. I will not submit to this.


    Snarling, he tried to shake off Luthvian's hand. "I have to go. Cat's in trouble."

    Luthvian's hand tightened. "You're sure, aren't you? You sense her well enough that you're sure."

    "Yes!" He didn't want to hit her. He didn't want to hurt her. But if she didn't let him go ...

    The hand on his arm trembled. "You'll send word to me? You'll let me know if ... if she needs help?"

    Lucivar gave Luthvian a hard, steady look. She might be jealous of the way the men in the family were drawn to Jaenelle, but she cared. He kissed her cheek roughly. "I'll send word."

    Luthvian stepped back. "You spent all those years training to be a warrior, so go make yourself useful."


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