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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(156) by Anne Bishop
  • Lucivar narrowed his eyes and studied his father. "Explain."

    Saetan drained his glass."Safframate is a sexual stimulant that's used to prolong stamina, prolong one's ability to give pleasure. The seeds are the size of a snapdragon seed. You add one or two crushed seeds to a glass of wine."

    "One or two seeds." Lucivar snorted. "High Lord, in Terreille they crush it into a powder and use it by the spoonful."

    "That's madness! If you gave someone that much—" Saetan stared at the closed door that led into Jaenelle's , bedroom.

    "Exactly," Lucivar said softly. "Pleasure very quickly becomes pain. The body becomes so stimulated, so sensitive that contact with anything hurts. The sex drive obliterates everything else, but that muchsafframate also blocks the ability to achieve orgasm so there's no relief, just driving need and sensitivity that's constantly increased by the stimulation."

    "Mother Night," Saetan whispered, slumping in his chair.

    "But if, for whatever reason, a person doesn't submit to being used until the drug wears off ... well, the encounter can turn violent."

    Saetan blinked back tears. "You were used like that, weren't you?"

    "Yes. But not often. Most witches didn't think riding my c**k was worth having my temper in the bed with it. And most of the ones who tried didn't walk away intact if they walked away at all. I had my own definition of violent passion."

    "And Daemon?"

    "He had his own way of dealing with it." Lucivar shuddered. "They didn't call him the Sadist for nothing."

    Saetan reached for the yarbarah. His hand still shook, but not as badly as before. "What do you suggest we do for Jaenelle?"

    "She doesn't deserve to endure this alone, and she'll never agree to sex for whatever small relief it might give her. So that leaves violence." Lucivar drained his brandy glass. "I'm taking her into Askavi. I'll keep us away from the villages. That way, if anything goes wrong, no one else will get caught in the backlash."

    Saetan lowered his glass. "What about you?"

    "I promised myself I'd take care of her. That's what I'm going to do."

    Not giving himself any more time to think, Lucivar set his glass on the table and crossed the room. He paused at the door, not sure how to approach a witch strong enough to tear his mind apart with a thought. Then he shrugged and opened the door, trusting instinct.

    The bedroom felt heavy with the growing psychic storm. He stepped into the room and braced himself.

    Jaenelle paced frantically, her hands gripping her upper arms tight enough to bruise. She glanced at him and bared her teeth. Her eyes held revulsion and no recognition. "Get out."

    Relief swept through him. Every second she resisted the desire to attack a male increased his chances of surviving the next few days.

    "Pack a bag," Lucivar said. "Casual clothes. A warm jacket for evenings. Walking boots."

    "I'm not going anywhere," Jaenelle snarled.

    "We're going hunting."

    "No. Get out."

    Lucivar braced his hands on his hips. "You can pack a bag or not, but we're going hunting. Now."

    "I don't want to go anywhere with you."

    He heard the desperation and fear in her voice. Desperation because she didn't want to leave the safety of this room. Fear because he was pushing her and, cornered, she might strike back and hurt him.

    It gave him hope.

    "You can leave this room on your own two feet or over my shoulder. Your choice, Cat."

    She grabbed a pillow and shredded it, swearing viciously in several languages. When his only response was to step toward her, she scrambled away from him, putting the bed between them.

    He wondered if she saw the irony of it.

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