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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(157) by Anne Bishop
  • "You're running out of time, Cat," he said softly.

    She grabbed another pillow and threw it at him. "Bastard!"

    "Prick," he corrected. He started around the bed.

    She ran for the dressing room door.

    He got there ahead of her, his spread wings making him look huge.

    She backed away from him.

    Saetan stepped into the bedroom. "Go with him, witch-child."

    Trapped between father and brother, she stood there, shaking.

    "We'll get away from everyone," Lucivar coaxed. "Just the two of us. Lots of fresh air and open ground."

    The thoughts flashed through her eyes, over her face. Open ground. Room to maneuver. Room to run. Open

    ground, where she wouldn't be trapped in a room with all this maleness pulling at her, choking her.

    "You won't touch me." Not a question or a demand. A plea.

    "I won't touch you," Lucivar promised.

    Jaenelle's shoulders slumped. "All right. I'll pack."

    He folded his wings and stepped aside so that she could slip into the dressing room. The defeat in her voice made him want to weep.

    Saetan joined him. "Be careful, Lucivar," he said quietly.

    Lucivar nodded. He already felt tired. "It'll be better in the open, out on the land."


    "Yeah. We'll stop at the cabin first to pick up the sleeping bags and other gear. Ask Smoke to join us. I think she'll be able to tolerate him. And if anything goes wrong, he can send word."

    Saetan didn't need to ask what could go wrong. They both knew what a Black-Jeweled Black Widow Queen could do to a man.

    Saetan ran his hands over Lucivar's shoulders. He kissed his son's cheek. "May the Darkness embrace you," he said hoarsely, turning away. Lucivar pulled Saetan into a hard hug.

    "Be careful, Lucivar. I don't want anything to happen to you now that you're finally here. And Idon't want you with me in Hell."

    Lucivar leaned back and smiled his lazy, arrogant smile. "I promise to stay out of trouble, Father."

    Saetan snorted. "You mean it as much now as you did when you were little," he said dryly.

    "Maybe even less."

    Left alone while Jaenelle finished packing, Lucivar wondered if he was doing the right thing. He already mourned the game they would hunt, the animals who would die so savagely. If the four-legged bloodletting wasn't enough, she would turn on him. He expected her to. When she did, Saetan wouldn't find his son waiting for him in the Dark Realm. There wouldn't be anything left of him to wait.

    4 / Kaeleer

    "The Dark Council is quite distressed over the whole matter." Lord Magstrom shifted uneasily in his chair.

    Saetan held his temper through sheer force of will. The man sitting on the other side of his blackwood desk had done nothing to deserve his rage. "The Council isn't alone in its distress."

    "Yes, of course. But for Lady Angelline to . . ." Magstrom faltered.

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