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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(172) by Anne Bishop
  • Greedy, ungrateful bitch.

    Hekatah opaqued another mirror. Even that little bit of Craft was almost too much.

    This wasn't the way she'd planned to return to Hayll, hidden away like some doddering, drooling relative dispatched to some out-of-the-way property with no one but hard-faced servants for company.

    Of course, once some of her strength returned . . .

    Hekatah shook her head. The amusements would have to come later.

    She considered ringing for a servant to come and put another log on the fire, then dismissed the idea and added the wood herself. Curling up into an old, stuffed chair, she stared at the wood being embraced and consumed by the flames.

    Consumed just like all her pretty plans.

    First the fiasco with the girl. If that was the best Jorval could do, she was going to have to rethink his usefulness.

    Then the Eyrien managed to escape her trap and destroy all those lovely Jhinka that she'd cultivated so carefully. And the backlash of power that had come through her witch storm had donethis to her.

    And last, but far from least, was that gutter son of a whore's purge of the Dark Realm. There was no safe haven in Hell now, and no one,no one to serve her. -

    So, for now, she had to accept Dorothea's sneering hospitality, had to accept handouts instead of the tribute that was her due.

    No matter. Unlike Dorothea, who was too busy trying to grab power and gobble up Territories, she had taken a good long look at the two living Realms.

    Let Dorothea have the crumbling ruins of Terreille.

    She was going to have Kaeleer.

    Chapter fourteen

    1 / Kaeleer

    Saetan braced his hand against the stonewall, momentarily unbalanced by the double blast of anger that shook the Keep.

    "Mother Night," he muttered."Now what are they squabbling about?" Mentally reaching out to Lucivar, he met a psychic wall of fury.

    He ran.

    As he neared the corridor that led to Jaenelle's suite of rooms, he slowed to a walk, pressing one hand against his side and swearing silently because he didn't have enough breath to roar. Wouldn't have mattered anyway, he thought sourly. Whatever was provoking his children's tempers certainly wasn't affecting their lungs.

    "Get out of my way, Lucivar!"

    "When the sun shines in Hell!"

    "Damn your wings, you've no right to interfere."

    "I serve you. That gives me the right to challenge anything and anyone that threatens your well being. And that includes you!"

    "If you serve me, then obey me.get ourof my way!"

    "The First Law is not obedience—"

    "Don't you dare start quoting. Blood Laws to me."

    "—and even if it was, I still wouldn't stand here and let you do this. It's suicidal!"

    Saetan rounded the corner, shot up the short flight of stairs, and stumbled on the top step.

    In the dimly lit corridor, Lucivar looked like something outof the night-tales landens told their children: dark, spread wings blending into the darkness beyond, teeth bared, gold eyes blazing with battle-fire. Even the blood dripping from the shallow knife slash in his left upper arm made him look more like something other than a living man.

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