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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(178) by Anne Bishop
  • There was some satisfaction in that, but Surreal also knew what the surviving guards would do to whomever they found in the maze.

    "Surreal? What's happening?"

    For a moment, Surreal couldn't say anything. Jaenelle's eyes looked dead-dull, the inner fire burned to ash. Her Black Jewels looked as if she'd drained most of the reserve power in them.

    Surreal knelt beside Daemon. Except for the rise and fall of his chest, he hadn't stirred since he collapsed. "The guards are breaking through the shield," she said, trying to sound calm. "I don't think we have much time left."

    Jaenelle nodded. "Then you and Daemon have to leave. The Green Wind runs over the edge of the garden. Can you reach it?"

    Surreal hesitated. "With all the power that's been unleashed in this area, I'm not sure."

    "Let me see your Gray ring."

    She held out her right hand.

    Jaenelle brushed her Black ring against Surreal's Gray.

    Surreal felt a psychic thread shoot out of the rings as they made contact, felt the Green Web pull at her.

    "There," Jaenelle gasped. "As soon as you launch yourself, the thread will reel you into the Green Web. Take the beacon web with you. Destroy it completely as soon as you can."

    Daemon stirred, moaned softly.

    "What about you?" Surreal asked.

    Jaenelle shook her head. "It doesn't matter. I won't be coming back. I'll hold the guards long enough to give you a head start."

    Jaenelle opened Daemon's tattered shirt. Taking Surreal's right hand, she pricked the middle finger and pressed it against Daemon's chest while she murmured words in a language Surreal didn't know.

    "This binding spell will keep him with you until he's out of the Twisted Kingdom." Jaenelle faded, came back. "One last thing."

    Surreal took the gold coin that hovered in the air. On one side was an elaborate S. On the other side were the words "Dhemlan Kaeleer."

    "That's a mark of safe passage," Jaenelle said, straining to get the words out. "If you ever come to Kaeleer, show it to whomever you first meet and tell them you're expected at the Hall in Dhemlan. It guarantees you a safe escort."

    Surreal vanished the coin and the small beacon web.

    Daemon rolled onto his side and opened his eyes.

    Jaenelle floated backward until she faded into the hedge. "Go quickly, Surreal. May the Darkness embrace you."

    Swearing quietly, Surreal tugged Daemon to his feet. He stared at her with simpleminded bewilderment. She pulled his left arm over her shoulders and winced as she tightened her right arm around his waist.

    Taking a deep breath, she let the psychic thread reel them through the Darkness until she caught the Green Wind and headed north.

    The hiding place was ready and waiting.

    Before the night when she'd drunkenly broken the warm friendship that had existed between them, Daemon had told her about two people: Lord Marcus, the man of business who took care of Daemon's very discreet investments, and Manny.

    Shortly after Jaenelle had contacted her, she'd gone to see Lord Marcus about finding a hiding place and had discovered that one already existed—a small island that was owned by "a reclusive invalid Warlord" who lived with a handful of servants.

    Daemon owned the island. Everyone who lived there had been physically or emotionally maimed by Dorothea SaDiablo. It was a sheltered place where they could rebuild some semblance of a life.

    She hadn't dared go to the island while she was still hunting for Daemon because she'd been afraid of leading Kartane SaDiablo there. Now she and Daemon could both

    drop out of sight, and the fictitious invalid Warlord and his newly acquired companion would become a reality.

    But first there was one fast stop to make, one question to ask. She hoped beyond words that Manny would say "yes."

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