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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(184) by Anne Bishop
  • Jaenelle thought about this and growled, "Lucivar's never going to give that damn Ring back, is he?"

    Saetan chuckled softly. "You could try to get it back, but I don't think you'd win." He rubbed his cheek against her hair. "I think he'll serve you for the rest of his life, regardless of whether or not he's actually with you."

    "Like you and Uncle Andulvar, with Cassandra."

    He closed his eyes. "No, not like me and Andulvar."

    She pulled back far enough to study his face. "I see. A bond as strong as family."


    Jaenelle hugged him and sighed. "Maybe we should find Lucivar a wife. That way he would have someone else to pester besides me."

    Saetan choked. "How unkind of you to dump Lucivar on some unsuspecting Sister."

    "But it would keep him busy."

    "Consider for a moment the possible consequence of that busyness."

    She did. "A houseful of little Lucivars," she said faintly.

    They both groaned.

    "All right," Jaenelle grumbled. "I'll think of something else."

    "You two get lost up here?"

    They jumped. Lucivar smiled at them from the doorway.

    "Papa was just explaining that I'm stuck with you forever."

    "And it only took you three years to figure that out." Lucivar's arrogant smile widened. "You don't deserve the warning, but while you've been up here busily, but futilely, rearranging my life, Ladvarian's been downstairs busily re-arranging yours. The exact quote was 'We can raise and train the puppies here.' "

    "Who's we?" Jaenelle squeaked. "What puppies?Whose puppies?"

    Lucivar stepped aside as Jaenelle flew out of the room, muttering.

    Saetan found the doorway blocked by a strong, well-muscled arm.

    "You wouldn't have helped her do something that silly, would you?" Lucivar asked.

    Saetan leaned against the doorway and shook his head. "If the right woman comes into your life, you won't let her go. I'm the last man who would tell you to compromise. Marry someone you can love and accept as she is, Lucivar. Marry someone who will love and accept you. Don't settle for less."

    Lucivar lowered his arm. "Do you think the right man will come into Cat's life?"

    "He'll come. If the Darkness is kind, he'll come."

    3 / The Twisted Kingdom

    He stood at the edge of the resting place for a long time, studying the details, absorbing the message and the warning. Unlike the other resting places she'd provided for him, this one disturbed him.

    It was an altar, a slab of black stone laid over two others. At its center was a crystal chalice that once had been shattered. Even from where he stood, his eyes could trace every fracture line, could see where the pieces had been carefully fitted back together. There were sharp-edged chips around the rim where small pieces had been lost, chips that could cut a man badly. Inside the chalice, lightning and black mist performed a slow, swirling dance. Fitted around the chalice's stem was a gold ring with a faceted ruby. A man's ring.

    A Consort's ring.

    He finally stepped closer.

    If he read the message correctly, she had healed but was soul-scarred and not completely whole. By claiming the

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